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Dream Home News, Issue #009 -- The Frugal Decor Shortcuts Issue
May 01, 2009

Hello, and welcome to your new (or your first!) issue of Dream Home Decorating News - THE FRUGAL DECOR SHORTCUTS ISSUE (May 1, 2009).


  1. Publisher’s Note
  2. Tip of the Month: Organize a home decor swapping party!
  3. Featured Article: Home Decorating Trends, Part IV: Frugal decor shortcuts for (almost) every room in the house
  4. Legal Stuff

Publisher's Note

I hope you're healthy and happy, and enjoying the warm sunshine - or, if you are based in Oz, celebrating a solid dose of autumn rain!

Me, I'm currently plotting a crusade against the aphids that are turning our roses and clematis into an ongoing picnic. Tonight after sundown, the cheeky critters will taste my terrifying neem oil concoction. It smells so disgusting that we, the humans, won't feel like a backyard picnic either this weekend. (I sure hope it'll be worth the sacrifice!)

On the home decorating front, with worldwide news of the deepening recession, I thought it would be useful to explore some more frugal decor ideas in this Dream Home News edition.

So here's your new Tip of the Month:

Organize A Home Decor
Swapping Party!

This is a frugal idea I've recently come across, and with all the belt-tightening that's going on at the moment, it could be a fun way to clear and rejuvenate your home at the same time, for no money at all – and with a party to boot.

Here's how you do it:

1. Contact friends/neighbors two or three weeks in advance and set time, date and location for the home decor swapping party. The number of guests will depend on the space you have available; 10 participants who bring 10 items each will make for a nice big party, with lots of frugal decor choices for everyone.

2. In your invitation, announce the rules:
  • Everyone will bring a fixed number of items from their home that they would like to part with.
  • The items can be used or new, but they should be in good condition
  • Give people ideas of what to look for – ACCESSORIES, like
    • art (including pictures and frames)
    • textiles
      • throw pillows
      • cushions
      • throws or quilts
      • curtain panels
      • bedding
      • tablecloths
      • decorative towels
      • bath mats
      • shower curtains
    • containers/vessels
      • vases
      • crates
      • bowls/plates
      • baskets
      • storage boxes
    • Other small decor items
      • mirrors
      • small rugs
      • lamps
    Maybe even small pieces of FURNITURE, like
    • side tables
    • chairs/stools
    • vanity cupboards
    • bedside tables
    ... and so on.
3. Decide if you want to offer refreshments / finger food, or ask everyone to contribute to a food table.

4. To set up a room for the frugal decor swapping party, clear it of your own possessions and set up trestle or fold-out tables. (Alternatively, just offer clean floor space where the guests can display what they have brought).

5. Prepare a bowl/hat/box and fill it with every guest's name on individual pieces of paper.

6. When all the guests have arrived and set out their items, pull the first name out of the bowl. This person gets to choose one item. Continue pulling names out of the container until all guests (and you) have had their first pick from the collection.

7. Then place the names back in the bowl and start a new round of choices. Continue the process until there are no more items left, or no one wants any of the remaining ones.

8. After the party, have any remaining things picked up by a charity shop.

What do you think of the idea? I think a frugal decor swapping party is a fun way to
  • get rid of unwanted stuff
  • pick up 'new' home decor for no money at all
  • enjoy your friends, and
  • support a charity of your choice.
I mean, how cool does it get?

Home Decorating Trends, Part 4:
Frugal Decor Shortcuts
For (Almost) Every Room
In The House

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Legal Stuff

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"See" you again on July 1, 2009!
All the Best to You,

Renate Hering-Shepherd
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