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Dream Home News, Issue #021 – Living Room & Kitchen Makeover Ideas
May 01, 2011
Hello ...

And welcome to your new (or your first!) issue of Dream Home Decorating News. This month's issue is all about inexpensive & simple ways to 'refangle' your kitchen or living room.

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Renate Hering-Shepherd

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  1. Book Update
  2. New Living Room Ideas
  3. New Kitchen Ideas
  4. Fun Web Tip: "Advanced Style"
  5. Legal Stuff

Color Schemes That Always Work:
How To Create, Tweak & Optimize
Colors For Your Home
(Book Update)

I've surfaced from 'writer's cave' to make sure you get this e-zine on time ... as of now, and for at least three months, I'll be focused completely on creating the promised color schemes book. I do hope you'll like the outcome as much as I'm enjoying the writing!

By the time the next newsletter comes around (July 1st), there's likely to be a publication date. So stay tuned, and take advantage of the reduced-price launch offer for my e-zine subscribers!

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New Living Room Ideas

It all started with Sharon's rug. That is, the rug she didn't have. We tried several (virtual) styles in her own living room – you decide which of them works best!

Next, Shaan lost all patience with her white-tiled German living room and wondered how she could possibly re-create some of the ease, warmth and welcome of her native South African style. Check out three "Out Of Africa" variations for her white-box lounge!

For good measure, I've added 6 ˝ Color Schemes for that very same room, morphing the look from 'Nantucket' to 'Summer Garden' to Paris Chic to Classic 1950s, and ending with a turquoise, Caribbean-inspired color palette.

For an overview of living room decorating tips & tricks, check out my collection of Living Room Ideas. Enjoy!

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New Kitchen Ideas

Small kitchens can be a wonderful (read: formidable) challenge to design and to decorate, because every square inch needs to work extremely hard! Above is an example of a Small (& Cheap) Kitchen Makeover peppered with ideas you can use on your own culinary lab!

(For yet more tips, visit the new Small Kitchen Design hub page!)

Getting into the spirit of creating a small kitchen space that will eventually double as a guest bedroom (!), Tonie in Saint Petersburg, Russia, shared some ideas from her improvised kitchen design ...

... as well as her quest for the perfect kitchen table lamp. Have a look!

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Fun Web Tip:
"Advanced Style"

When I grow up, I want to be like the women Seth Cohen photographs in the streets of NYC. Fearless, stylish, and nothing to 'prove' - I wish he would photograph their homes as well ;-) Very much worth a look!

Enjoy ...

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"See" you again on July 1, 2011 -
Renate Hering-Shepherd

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