Small Kitchen Design Ideas:
Free Ideas For Kitchen Design
& Small Kitchen Remodel Projects

The small kitchen design ideas on this page will support you with creating the look and the functionality you desire for your own kitchen. This includes ...

♦   a cheat sheet to plan your kitchen remodel;

♦   creative before & after kitchen remodel projects from our site readers;

♦   kitchen designs, makeover ideas and gorgeous small  kitchen design ideas from France and Tuscany.

Also in preparation (links will be added):

  • Rustic kitchen design / farmhouse kitchen designs
  • Kitchen color schemes
  • How to organize a kitchen
  • Kitchen countertop ideas
  • Kitchen floor plan ideas and
  • Small kitchen tables.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas:
Small Kitchen Remodel

small kitchen remodel
Small Kitchen

If you're looking for ways to make a small kitchen more efficient and easier on the eye, check out Tammy's kitchen photos and ideas for her Cheap Kitchen Remodeling, which will give her better storage, easier accessibility and increased counter space in her small kitchen.

The page shows a simple process to get you the most bang for your buck. (Here's a cheat sheet of the entire process for your own kitchen remodel!)

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Small Kitchen Design Ideas:
Dream Home Decorators'
Free Ideas For Kitchen Design!

small kitchen with brushed metal surfaces
Readers' Kitchens

My fellow Dream Home Decorators are a wonderfully creative bunch, who have been generously sharing their tips, tricks, and small kitchen design ideas.

  • Kim created heaps of Mediterranean flavor by using a gel stain, wrought iron and natural stone in her small kitchen design project;
  • Cyndy turned her Californian kitchen into a warm, sunny, Tuscan-inspired space. (Part 2 of her small kitchen remodel story has all the before-and-after photos!)

Small Kitchen Design Ideas:
Rustic Kitchen Design, Part 1

French Country Kitchens

French country kitchen illustration
French Style
Kitchen Design

In my travels to France, I have found that French country kitchens come in many styles from vintage, to eclectic, to truly rustic.

There's a wonderful sense of freedom and improvisation in country French kitchen design, with very few strict rules!

For information about materials, style elements and furniture in country French kitchen design, check out the big page about French Country Kitchen Design.

Small kitchen remodel ideas for a 'lite' French country makeover (e.g. accessories, fabrics, color schemes & wall treatments) are on the French Country Kitchens page.

French fabrics come in handy as stylish accessories for French country kitchen ideas. Check out the pages about

The best small kitchen design ideas are often those you can do on a shoestring. Here are two examples:

Last not least, I suggest you "Frenchify" your kitchen walls with French Wall Art - which doesn't necessarily mean 'pictures'! Imaginative wall art is among the best, free ideas for kitchen design - think along the lines of odd wooden spoons, handwritten recipes, French ceramic plates, lids or labels of French food preserves, French cookbook cover jackets, and so on.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas:
Rustic Kitchen Design, Part 2

Tuscan Kitchen Design

Tuscan kitchen table & chair
Tuscany Style
Kitchen Design

Contrary to widespread belief, Tuscan Kitchen Design is quite understated and not wildly colorful. Tuscan kitchens very rarely have walls in warm 'earth' colors - they're usually white.

Here are some examples of real Tuscan kitchens - farmhouse kitchens and small town house kitchens that I visited a few years back, in the heart of Tuscany.

To see how you could redesign a traditional Southern US kitchen and give it a Tuscany look by adding authentic Tuscan elements, check out the page about Tuscany Style Kitchen Design.

Of course, rather than striving for traditional Tuscan style kitchen design, you could decide to paint a Mediterranean-style kitchen in Tuscan Colors - just because this is rarely done in Tuscany doesn't mean you can't do it ;-)

You could also create authentic Tuscan flair by using a Tuscan armoire for kitchen or pantry storage, and display Tuscan Wall Art on the kitchen walls.

The most authentic Tuscan flavor will come from using and displaying original, handmade ceramics from Tuscany and Umbria:

That's where Tuscany kitchens really come into their own! - Fine Italian Ceramics chosen out of passion

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A kitchen remodel is a great opportunity to update some of your appliances. If you play your cards right, you'll be making money back through long-term energy servings!
Robin Green (nomen est omen)  has done some excellent research into energy saving household items, from toasters to dishwashers and beyond. His site, Green Energy Efficient Homes, is very much worth a read.

  • Neutral Color Schemes - The Book:
    Learn about using neutral color palettes (very useful for small kitchen design!)   The book will help you understand what makes neutral color schemes look their best, and what happens when you inject 'real' color into neutral color palettes.   It's FREE!

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