Funny Wooden Chairs in Amsterdam

by Peter
(Bristol, UK)

Raw wooden chairs, Amsterdam

Raw wooden chairs, Amsterdam

I found these chairs on a trip to Amsterdam, Holland. They were made out of raw wooden boards in an extremely simple design, easy to copy.

Even though I expect the ladies will have a bit of a problem with the untreated surface, what with stockings and cashmere sweaters and all that, these chairs are still a cool design.

I especially liked how they contrasted with the elegant antique surroundings of the 17th-century house they were in. (Trust the Dutch to come up with something like that.)

dutch wooden chairs

Dutch wooden chairs (close-up)

The close-up shows that to make chairs like these yourself, all you need is some planks, some wooden slats, and a decent power saw.

Renate's Reply: Great find, thank you for sharing it, Peter! What a cool idea for a not-so-lazy Saturday afternoon.

To overcome the stocking/pantyhose problem, you could of course use reclaimed boards, or strip and wax them before you invite the ladies over. I'm sure they'd appreciate it ;-)

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True information is shared
by: Jennie S. Florian

Just stumbled across your blog and was instantly amazed with all the useful information that is on it.
Great flower

I'll consider it!
by: Peter

Glad you like them, Tina.

Count me in for your next garden party!
by: Tina


Couldn't you turn them into garden furniture? Sand them, paint them with boat paint & add a few cushions?

I'll have milk and two sugars with my coffee, please. And one of those heavenly scones.

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