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Log Home Master Bedroom Makeover 
We recently bought our new home. It happens to be a log home that I was a little scared of at first. I usually decorate with a vintage, 'kitschy' retro …

DIY Kitchen Makeover: Easy Change From Simple Oak To Fabulous Cherry! 
We bought our new home with the basics, as upgrades were so expensive. So we made a very inexpensive, simple change to our kitchen cabinets. We used …

Using Curtains To Soften A Room (And Making It Cozy With A Reading Nook) 
We always had an issue with our living room because we could never figure out the right placement of furniture. Our sofas were honestly too large for our …

The End Of Grey, Part 2 
Once the colors were chosen and the paint mixed ... it was a waiting game. Would I like it? love it? After a few repairs and removal of some window treatments …

The End Of Grey, Part 1 
Nothing like two months of being stuck in the house after ankle surgery to push the best ideas to the forefront and get you moving. After ten weeks at …

DIY Tuscan Bathroom Design, Part 2: Bricks, Rocks & Cracked Wood 
One aspect of our little bathroom that always plagued us was the one strip where wallpaper wouldn't hold and paint chipped off. There's some sort of metal …

DIY Tuscan Bathroom Design, Part 1: Tuscan Walls From Scratch 
My husband and I bought a 1920s home in small-town Ohio 18 years ago, and let me just say that I'm not a home decorator by any stretch of the imagination. …

Tale of a Timid Remodeler, Part II 
Regarding the rest of the cabinets, after talking to the various cabinetmakers, I realized my old bottom cabinets already had many of the features they …

Country Cabin Decor: A Log Cabin in Canada 
I liked our cabin as it was, but with the cute Battenberg lace curtain valances and the poofy chair, I felt the decor 'dated' the owners. The cabin looked …

Small Galley Kitchen Remodel 
We were preparing our house for selling, and our old kitchen was not just outdated, it was literally falling apart. So, in order to impress potential …

How To Decorate A Bedroom In 4 ... Months! 
I moved into my house in October 2008, and for the first time ever decided to treat myself to a new bedroom (I've always made do with the children's castoffs, …

Tale of a Timid Remodeler, Part I 
The exterior of my house looks like an old Mediterranean villa; but the interior is more modern, and the kitchen - well, the kitchen was my problem: a …

Bathroom Color Schemes In Turquoise And Mint 
Our family bathroom used to be painted a chalky turquoise color. It looked good and felt good, as long as it was a sunny day outside. On a cloudy morning, …

Living Room Makeover: 4 Versions And Counting! 
I live in a one-bedroom flat with my three dogs, two of which are toy-sized. I myself am not very tall - about 5'2! So sitting on regular sofas …

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