Using Curtains To Soften A Room (And Making It Cozy With A Reading Nook)

by Risa
(Ontario, Canada)



We always had an issue with our living room because we could never figure out the right placement of furniture. Our sofas were honestly too large for our narrow and long living room. (The sofas were bought for our previous house.) We just decided to put one of the sofas against the window, and the other sofa against the wall, making an L-shape. The colorful foam mats were really useful for our babies to play on, but I knew they had to go some time.

We were recently faced with the possibility of moving (for professional reasons) and selling the house. So we looked at rearranging the furniture to make the house "more sellable".

The room was painted a light beige.

We opened up the space in front of the window and bought some sheer beige curtains (as suggested by the lovely Renate Hering-Shepherd).

We also bought a wicker chair and moved the living room lamp next to it.

This now serves as our cozy reading nook and as extra seating when we have guests over.

The colorful foam mats were thrown away, and the loveseat was moved downstairs to the basement. Behind the sofa, we hung beautiful wall art we bought on sale at Pier 1 Imports. With a few throw pillows and throws, the room was complete. (Well, we still plan on buying a rug, but that will come in time.)

P.S. We ended up not moving, so we are enjoying our new living room!

Renate's comment:
What a change, Risa! The 'fall' theme works superbly well for the room, the space looks much larger and wonderfully inviting! Love it!

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Like it
by: Katrina

I think you've really made the most of the room, Risa! Not sure about a rug, though ... the floor looks so grand as it is, and the color really complements the rest of the interior. Do you NEED a rug?

Nice job ...
by: Sam

I agree, the 'new' living room looks great, and with just the smallest of changes. Very welcoming and warm.

Small change big effect!
by: Monique

Great job Risa, just goes to show that it doesn't always have to be an investment of 100s of $$$s to make a room look and feel comfortable and 'just right'!

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