Best Moneysaving Tip: Don't Look!

by Jennifer
(Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

I've found a great way to save money: Just don't look at the stuff. Once we see something, we're hardwired to want it. Even as adults, we're like kids in candy stores.

'WOMAN' is known in advertising as the acronym for "Wants Outweigh Means And Needs". (I'm sure it's true for men, too, but hey.)

So I've been throwing away mail order catalogs without looking at them. I've allowed my pants to go all the way to wearing-out point. I've had a good pair of shoes resoled, and I clean them religiously. They look great.

It's amazing all the stuff you can do without.

I'm actually beginnng to enjoy it! I'm building up a reserve in my bank account, and it feels very, very good.

Renate's Reply: Jennifer, what a great post. Thank you. Loved it!

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This is good advice...
by: cyndy

... but so hard to follow when this website makes everything look so inviting, and the links to ebay are so accessible. Please talk me out of this item i found on Renate's website: Tuscan PALOMA 3 Tier Metal BASKET, French Country Market!!!

Totally recommended.
by: Pat

I'm doing the same as you. It's a little hard sometimes when you're walking from the train stop to the office, but I just remind myself that I've lived all these years without "it". I'm sure I'll live on & have just as much fun.

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