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Best Moneysaving Tip: Don't Look! 
I've found a great way to save money: Just don't look at the stuff. Once we see something, we're hardwired to want it. Even as adults, we're …

Frugal Decorating Shortcuts 
Whenever I see gorgeous interiors, I immediately look for frugal decorating shortcuts to create the same look for half the price or less. Want to do …

"Real Simple" Frugal Decorating 
The website I'd like to recommend is As the name says, the site isn't primarily about frugal living, but it has a similar thrust. …

30+ Frugal Living Ideas For Your Home 
A while back, I had an e-mail from a site visitor, saying: "How do I decorate on a low budget? I married a frugal guy." I loved it! Here's my …

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