"Real Simple" Frugal Decorating

by Rhea
(Chicago, USA)

Real Simple Magazine Cover, March 2001

Real Simple Magazine Cover, March 2001

The website I'd like to recommend is www.realsimple.com. As the name says, the site isn't primarily about frugal living, but it has a similar thrust. For example, their photo galleries show how you can create really nice looking rooms with inexpensive furniture and a few cheap but pretty accessories.


There are loads of photo galleries on that site. The room colors are usually very simple, happy and sweet, nothing complex or moody. Everything is easy to understand and reduced to essentials. So it's easy to copy or to get inspiration from.

I think as an ideas source for frugal decor, this site is great. Apart from the decorating, there's also a lot about simple meals that save you time and money, and a lot of general information that helps you keep your life running smoothly.

Renate's Reply: Brilliant, Rhea, this looks like a great resource! Here in the UK, this magazine is not well known, so thank you very much indeed for adding it to the site!

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