The End Of Grey, Part 1

by Sharon
(Arizona, USA)

Where it started

Where it started

Nothing like two months of being stuck in the house after ankle surgery to push the best ideas to the forefront and get you moving. After ten weeks at home--staring at the walls--I knew, with glaring clarity, what I loved in my condo, what I wanted to keep and what had to go.

I'd collected redecorating ideas for years. My file was thick and full. My weeks stuck at home pushed me over the edge.

I rarely do things by half measure. So ... I packed the SAVE items and sold the REST. Yes, all of it.

All furniture gathered over 30 years - gone. Some art - sold. A lot of clothes and other items were sold or donated.

The house was empty other than the boxes of STUFF.

I lived in Asia for a few years so have a great collection of Japanese, Chinese and Thai art. I am a photographer who was formerly a potter. So, I have art of my own creation and that of artist friends. However, every room had an Asian look.

I was ready for something more modern, functional and a bit more Zen ... The aim: less cluttered and more peaceful.

So, what color paint for the walls? I rented for most of my life and lived with all white for decades. I like white. My condo is painted in shades of grey.

I like grey ... but now was the time for COLOR!!!!

I was paralyzed for weeks.

I tested about 20 different color patches on my walls. The paint store clerks knew me by name. "Oh, what color is it today?"

Well ... I went thru celadon green, various shades of apricot and numerous reds. I love red. Just 48 hours before my painter was to arrive, I went to the internet. I plugged in my original idea: "eggplant walls".

What came up solved the problem. It showed a few rooms in a condo similar to mine - with eggplant, white and navy walls.

Bold ... dark ... sophisticated ... and FINAL.

I went to the paint store the next day and got samples of a deep Navy and Blackberry wine in Behr paint. I was set. I called a friend , Vanessa Davisson, who paints murals, and gave her my 30 tiny paint samples! They did not go to waste.

The next day I called my painter/contractor, Tim Toetcher, and he ordered the paint.

To be continued ...
Just in: Part 2 of The End Of Grey

Renate's comment:
Wow, Sharon, that sure is a radical departure - I can't wait to see the new look! And I love your 'artsy' sample patches, shame they'll be painted over!

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the red
by: Karien

I love how Sharon made up her mind and did such thorough homework. Wish I was like that! An interior designer on tv the other day said that he lives by one rule: in every room there should be something red and something ugly. I'm not sure about the ugly, but I've been noticing that where there is a mostly monochromatic color scheme, with a touch of red added, it becomes alive.

Change we can believe in.....
by: Maria Teresa

It is not easy to imagine how you would like something to look and, more importantly, how you would like something to feel. The stages on conceptualization present challenges and "too many choices" is certainly one of the obstacles to change.
But Sharon realized her dream and along the way incorporated her lifestyle and her well-lived life into her surroundings.
Her home is now a true reflection of herself; dark accents, combined with light flowing in to highlight art that represent her own particular and unique journey.
Her space is hers....redundant but true.

by: Serena

That must have taken something, to sell your 'life' of 30 years. Kudos! I bet once you were done you felt relieved. I would!

picture gallery
by: Monica

I really like that picture gallery, I wonder how it will look against a dark background! Looking forward to the evidence!

Before & During
by: Jessica M.

I spent some time with Sharon during this phase of the great redecoration project of 2010. We went over page after page of ideas and inspirations. The iterations were seemingly endless!

Every combination had potential, but Sharon knew what she wanted; she just hadn't seen it yet.

In the end, the marshmellow white turned out to be just the thing. It absolutely glows with the light reflected off the navy blue and eggplant accent walls.

As soon as you walk in the door, the effect is energizing with an undertone of calm.

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