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Dream Home News, Issue #029: Christmas Contest and FREE Printable Christmas Card
December 01, 2012
Hello again!

Happy Holidays, and welcome to the Christmas issue of Dream Home Decorating News! This time, we have an exciting Christmas Table Decorating Contest (Grand Prize $100!) and an exclusive, printable Christmas card/decoration for you to enjoy.

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Thanks for joining me today, and enjoy this issue!
Renate Hering-Shepherd

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  1. 2012 Christmas Contest
  2. Free Printable Christmas Card: Instructions & Download
  3. Ideas For Christmas: Handmade Decorations & Gifts
  4. Legal Stuff

Welcome To Our 2012 Christmas Contest!

With Christmas approaching fast, creative minds are clicking into gear! This is a wonderfully productive time of the year, and a great opportunity to share ideas ... even better, you could win up to $100 just by sharing yours!

To enter, all you need to do is upload a photo of your Advent or Christmas table and tell us how you created it.

It's super easy to join in - just click here to go to the contest page!

Free Printable Christmas Card/Decoration:
Instructions & Download

free printable christmas card & decoration: English Tudor cottages

My Christmas gift to you this year was inspired by English country cottages and the gorgeous patterns of 16th-century Tudor timber framing. It is a 2012 exclusive, just for my newsletter subscribers. I will not make this design available on the site for another year!

The card folds harmonica-style and will fit comfortably into any standard envelope if you want to send it as a Christmas card.

And if you join several print-outs together, they make a very pretty mantel ornament. Try displaying it surrounded by white cotton wool or artificial snow, and place LED tea lights behind the 'village' for atmospheric Christmas lighting!

free printable christmas card & decoration: English Tudor cottages

Before You Download ...

Here's what you need:

  • white A4/letter size card (as heavy as your printer will tolerate);
  • a ruler;
  • a bone folder or a very blunt knife;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

The rest is easy: align your ruler with the green fold lines, and score the paper using your bone folder/knife. Score the connector flap, too, if you're using it to make a 'village'. Then cut out the design and fold it.

free printable christmas card & decoration: English Tudor cottages

To download, you need Adobe Reader - if you don't have it installed on your computer, you can download the latest version here (a new window will open so you can download it without leaving this page).

Click here to download your Christmas present (and if the link doesn't work in your e-mail setup, please contact me!)

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Handmade Christmas Decorations & Gifts

Here are some of Dreamhomedecorating's Christmas Favorites. My most-published, most-pinterested, facebooked & tweeted pages. Enjoy!

1. For Foodies:

Christmas table decoration idea: frosted fruit

Frosted Fruit - a Christmas table decoration idea that caught the eye of Jeanne Bice (of Quacker Factory fame) and was published in her book, The Ultimate Christmas. It's great for country Christmas table centerpieces and rustic Xmas table decorations that can later be eaten for dessert.

Christmas gift: homemade Christmas rum balls

For a chocolatey Christmas gift or dessert, try my Mom's Recipe for rum balls. (Jeanne Bice loved those as well :-) Give them away in a fancy box, or serve them with espresso after Christmas dinner, stacked into an elegant, mouthwatering pyramid in a footed bowl. Yum!

2. For A Hand-Decorated Christmas Tree:

Christmas tree decorating with gilded walnuts

Gilded walnuts are a very old, very traditional European Christmas tree ornament. And they used to be covered in real gold leaf! Those were the days! Well, thankfully we can now create that beautiful, rich look on the cheap :-)

paper christmas tree ornaments

This set of super-easy printable paper Christmas ornaments looks great on a tree, but you could hang them (on pretty ribbon) from practically anywhere: e.g. curtain rods, lamps, door knobs, armoire keys, or a mantel. They also make lovely Christmas gift tags!

3. Gifts By Post:

paper christmas tree ornaments

A perennial Pinterest favorite, these paper lantern houses are very easy to make - and what's best, you can send them in a regular envelope as a Christmas present. They really do look nice and are very versatile. (Use only for deserving folks!)

And that's it for this time! Have a wonderful, love-filled, happy Christmas, and a great New Year. 'See' you again on February 1, 2012!

P.S. Do feel free to forward this newsletter on to family and friends who might also enjoy it or want to enter our Christmas contest. Let's share in the fun!

All the best for you & your loved ones,

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"See" you again on February 1, 2013 -
Renate Hering-Shepherd

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