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Dream Home News, Issue #015 -- VIDEO: 30 Decorating Ideas from the South of France
May 01, 2010
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This month's issue comes with a novelty - an Ideas Video. I hope you'll enjoy it!

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  1. Publisher's Note
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  3. Featured Article: VIDEO: 30 Interior Decorating Ideas from the South of France
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Publisher's Note

Are the roses budding in your garden, too? I'm planning to take the day off tomorrow and have a cup of coffee out in the sun (if indeed it does shine - this is England, after all ;-)

I'll be thinking of all the Dream Home Decorators who have contacted me in recent weeks with questions, suggestions, and, um, praise. And of those who have submitted their inspiring interior decorating projects for the world to see. Thank you all!

And I'll be thinking of you, whether we've already 'met' or not. Here's to your health, your happiness, and the beauty and fun of your decorating ideas!


All the Best,

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  • See how beautifully Lesley's bedroom turned out in the end,
  • Find out how Stella transformed her family's bathroom with just a lick of fresh paint, and how
  • Mary turned her small galley kitchen into a white dream space,
  • or how Jinny re-created India in her living room!
When you read other visitors' comments on these projects, you will see how much inspiration and learning others will draw from what you are currently doing or have already accomplished. It's a round-the-world ideas exchange.

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The 30 Ideas Video

See if you can find 30 decorating ideas 'hidden' in these images from the South of France. (If you like the sweet, tranquil music of Erik Satie, remember to turn your loudspeakers on!)

Just in case you're now scratching your head and looking down on a list of 16 3/4 ideas, here's my personal version (it may be quite different from yours!)
  1. Adorn interior doors with unorthodox items: a beautiful tassel, a small decorative item dangling from the key or doorknob (e.g. a fine antique key on a colorful ribbon), or a framed & mounted antiques-shop find (fasten securely!)
  2. Place a large ornamental pot (with or without a plant) near the foot of a flight of stairs.
  3. Paint your light switches the same color as your wall to 'disappear' them visually.
  4. Hang extra long curtains that drop into 'puddles' on the floor.
  5. Create a small washbasin/splashback with mosaic tiles (great for uneven walls!)
  6. Assemble a collection of treasures on a small side table for display in a hallway (underneath a mirror or picture) or in a corner of the room.
  7. Display beautiful things above doorways (porcelain plates, pictures, ornaments).
  8. A crystal chandelier is not for every type of room, but you could hang single glass crystals in a window (use translucent ribbon)to have them catch the sunlight and sparkle up the room.
  9. Show off one fine piece (e.g. a porcelain vase) against a plain background, or combine it with several inexpensive, single-color ones to show off the 'star'.
  10. Group similar things: colors, shapes, themes. (One matchbox on its own may not be desperately convincing, but 30 different ones, all colorful, presented in a box frame, amount to genuine wall art.
  11. Use unusual items to hold up a wall shelf, or as bookends, or as doorstops.
  12. Use beautiful things in your daily life: special bowls or plates, a fine spoon. Surround yourself with beauty – particularly in small things – as much as you can.
  13. Have something on your table that rises above the rest – a footed bowl, a crystal cakestand.
  14. If you make food preserves to give away or use at home, give them poetic labels.
  15. If you have white crockery, throw in a few colored pieces that are not part of the set. Don't be slavish about matching colors.
  16. A flat sheet that ends in a big knot doth a fine curtain make.
  17. Find an antique garden gate to use as metal wall art on the back patio. (If it looks unremarkable, hang flowerpots from it, Italian-style).
  18. Create a daybed from a single mattress wrapped in an old quilt or covered in a rugged, textured fabric. Accessorize with overstuffed cushions in loosely matching fabrics. Err on the side of simplicity.
  19. Not everyone has outside space to their homes. Create an 'outsidey' space inside - with garden furniture, modular decking tiles, and plants.
  20. Have your nicest china on view always. Hang some plates on the wall if you can.
  21. Use interesting light sources – experiment with wire and suitable, strong papers to create your own, one-of-a-kind lighting designs. Surround these objects with space to enhance their perceived value.
  22. Use some gold in a room – a stripe at chair rail height, or under the crown moulding (Caution: do NOT do this if the dominant metal color in the room is silver!)
  23. Instead of buying a headboard, paint one on the wall behind a simple bedframe.
  24. Exhibit beautiful kitchen objects in the kitchen or dining room.
  25. If you have loads of pictures that could be grouped together, turn them into a display that reaches all the way to the ceiling.
  26. Turn unusual items or materials into "headboards": a mirror, a wall hanging, a piece of fencing.
  27. For a beautiful Mediterranean-style floor (e.g. in the conservatory), use a central 'area rug' of encaustic tiles surrounded by stained concrete flooring.
  28. Plant an indoor 'flowerbed' in a large, securely lined wicker basket.
  29. Create oases of tranquility by keeping surfaces largely free of clutter.
  30. Mount antique light fixtures (or other fine antique pieces) on raw, natural backgrounds: an old tile, a slab of slate or wood. The contrast makes them look even more refined.
For even more French Country Decorating Ideas, have a look at the following new "French" pages on the site:There, I hope I haven't forgotten any (this past month is a bit of a blur). There are more pages coming soon - Tuscany is next on my list - so stay tuned!

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Renate Hering-Shepherd

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