Small Apartment Decorating Challenge

Tonie is on a small apartment decorating adventure - let's see what she's up to.

(If you're currently (re)decorating or remodeling your home, how about sharing your home makeover, too!)

Saint Petersburg, Russia

I am 22, engaged, studying for my master's degree in phonetics and speech communication, and teaching English part-time.

My fiancé is an interpreter and an English teacher too. This means we've got paper, paper, paper everywhere!

We're going to move into a one-bedroom flat in Saint-Petersburg.

The building is new, so what we initially got was bare walls:

As you can see from the floor plan, the flat's not too big:

Anglo-American translation (rounded values):
Kitchen: 9.8' x 11.15'  Bedroom: 11.5' x 15.4'  Bathroom: 5.75' x 5.75'

The good thing about this flat is that it's on the sixth floor and faces South! There's no lack of daylight at all! Here's the view from the bedroom window:

We're currently decorating our new place, so this is an ongoing report and you are welcome to follow the updates!

Tonie's Decorating Updates

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How's The Challenge Going?

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