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Colors For A Living Room Floor

How to find colors for a living room floor that go with complementary deep brick red, dark green and off-white?  (Reader question)

Hello Renate:

We have
a) a great room that includes a kitchen with deep brick red walls (2);
b) an off-white wall that extends from kitchen to living room;
c) a wall in the living room that is a dark green suede.

We've recently installed hardwood flooring; however, we want to carpet the actual living room area. We'd like to go with the color 515 Brick Walk - Style 152 Posh Origins - Mohawk SmartStrand BCF 3GT. How do you think that would look?

Janet  (USA)

Hi Janet,

I've just tried to look up your SmartStrand carpet color online, but there doesn't seem to be a facility for it on the Mohawk website. So I can just give you a few general thoughts about colors for a living room floor.

Brick red / off white / dark green / (dark?) hardwood flooring sounds like a great color combination to me. It's basically a complementary-plus-neutrals color scheme, and a very robust one at that.

'Brick Walk' sounds like a related color, so it is likely to fit in with your already existing color scheme.

However ...

... names can be misleading, and bricks do come in many different colors. So to make sure you get the right colors for your living room floor, I suggest you do several things:

  • Get a large enough sample of the carpet of your choice: several feet long and wide would be best.
  • Lay it on the floor, and look at it under different light sources: in daylight, as well as under all the lamps you are using in that room.
  • Put it next to other colors: The walls, the furniture, any accessories that are on or near the floor.
  • In case you're not sure if you really have the right color(s) for your living room floor, it may be a good idea to ask someone whose taste & judgement you trust to come have a look at it, too.

You need to see the carpet sample in the room, because ...

... sometimes what looked like a perfect brick red turns into insipid yellowish orange when you see it under a different light. Or, surprisingly, it looks really weird next to the sofa.

And the last thing you want is to find out after you've paid for your carpet!

Good luck with your project!

All the Best,

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