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Tuscan decor and Tuscan home design is all about the warmth and elegance of Italian country living.

Take a peek into authentic Tuscan homes!

Learn how to use Tuscany home decor to create a welcoming, sun-filled Tuscan country retreat.

Shop for Tuscan style decor accessories, and find Tuscany furniture to buy.

Tuscan Interior Decorating 101: The Basics

Tuscan marble statue
Tuscany Decorating

For an overview of authentic Tuscany home decor, colors, materials, and Tuscany furniture, check out Tuscan Decorating Style Secrets.

Decorating Tuscan style homes is easy when you've got all the 'right' architectural features in place.  But you don't need  those features to create an authentic Tuscan theme for your home. You just need a few Tuscany decorating tricks, starting with ...

... Tuscan Colors.

Tuscan paint colors
Tuscan Colors

While many Tuscan farm houses (and townhouses) are painted white  on the inside, they're very much not  white on the outside.

Many Tuscan villages and towns glow in 'Tuscan' Colors - vibrant earth tones like terra cotta, yellow umber, deep rusty reds, burnt orange, shades of peach and even dusty pink.

However, not all  exterior Tuscan decor is done with a paintbrush. In some parts of Tuscany, the houses are built of local stone and left unrendered.

This is still much more colorful than your average village! Check out Exterior Window Treatments from Italy to see what I mean. (Hint: flowers are plentiful & cheap :-)

Now, chances are your current windows don't overlook an Italian village piazza  or the breathtaking Tuscan countryside.  In which case you can easily re-create the warmth and welcome of Tuscany by painting your interior walls in Tuscan Paint Colors.

On the page, you'll find 7 Tuscan color schemes inspired by Tuscan villages, interiors, and tin glazed earthenware (one of the products this region is world famous for).

For additional, authentic Tuscan interior decorating inspiration, check out 7 more Tuscan Color Palette ideas, photographed in real Tuscan homes. Each comes with a paint color scheme you can use for your own Tuscan style interior.

Tuscan Decor For Your Walls

Tuscan Wall Art comes in many forms, from phtography to painting and religious art (very important in Italian Country Decorating!

Click a pic on the right, or follow one of these links:

Tuscan Decor For Your Bedroom
(Includes Tuscan Bedding)

Tuscan bedding & bedroom
Tuscan Beds

Traditional, Rustic Tuscan Bedrooms are the epitome of 'austerity chic' - a simple, almost raw style that provides the perfect backdrop for exquisite decorating details like hand-forged Black Metal Beds, simple or elaborate Tuscan armoires, and antique Tuscany home decor accessories.

There isn't much of a color element here (except for rugs, wall art and the occasional colored cushion). Traditional Tuscan bedding in farm houses consists of white bedlinen and white cotton Matelassé Coverlets with elegant, nature-inspired patterns.

contemporary Tuscan bedroom
Modern Tuscan

And how do you decorate a contemporary bedroom with a Tuscany look? Modern Tuscan Bedrooms look less frugal and tend to be more colorful than traditional ones.

Contemporary Tuscan Bedding is often inspired by the materials and colors of antique, elegant Tuscan villa decor. Choose between simple cotton quilts in solid colors or floral prints, or opt for velvets and silks.

Tuscan beds & Tuscany bedding are extremely versatile. Mix antique and new (or vintage) Tuscan decor elements:

  • Dress a black Canopy Iron Bed with a creamy tulle canopy and a white matelassé coverlet for a pristine look, or
  • Smother an elegant, luxurious Tuscan Bed in precious silk damask and brocade, or
  • Show off a White Metal Bed in the vibrant earth or jewel colors of Tuscan Bedding for a truly sumptuous Tuscany look.

It'll look gorgeous.

Tuscany Furniture

Tuscan straw-seated chairs in front of a podere
Tuscany Furniture

Tuscany furniture comes in a variety of styles and designs.

Apart from Tuscan style (metal) beds, a Tuscan Armoire is among the most important pieces of Tuscan style furniture to consider buying.

Use armoires in the bedroom (mirrored armoire designs work best); use them in the living and dining room, even in the kitchen - as a mini pantry or as storage space for kitchen implements. Speaking of dining rooms: Here's how to create an authentic Tuscan dining room from scratch.

Tuscan Decor For Tuscan Kitchens

Tuscan dinnerware

Tuscan kitchens are the hub of traditional Tuscan interiors. In rural Tuscan homes and farm houses, the kitchen doubles as an everyday dining room. Instead of a kitchen island, there's a solid wooden kitchen table and straw-seated chairs.

Tuscan Kitchen Design has some core elements - if you get those right, your kitchen will have an authentic Tuscan flair.

Real, traditional rustic Tuscan kitchens are simple, work oriented spaces. Worktops and backsplash are tiled.

There's an element of luxury, though: Colorful Tuscan plates, majolica bowls, pitchers and canisters. Tuscan Dinnerware can turn almost any kitchen into a Tuscan kitchen.

Most Tuscan kitchens are eat-in kitchens. Have a look at the Tuscan dining room article for info about the right furniture and accessories for Tuscan dining spaces.

For more ideas on how to create a Tuscan style interior for your kitchen, check out these Before-and-After stories of creating a Tuscany style kitchen in the US:

  • Cyndy's Californian Tuscan style kitchen design, and
  • and Nelle's Tuscany style kitchen remodel in the Southern US.

Tuscan Window Treatments

Tuscan window treatment: white cotton embroidery
Tuscan Window

Tuscan Window Treatments are white, the same color as traditional interior Tuscan walls.

Choose from among several Tuscany home decor styles for your window treatments - most of them are extremely easy to DIY (pictured here is the exception, not the rule).

The crisp, pristine freshness of white window coverings on the inside is complemented by Exterior Window Treatments that involve shutters and/or awnings, as well as loads (like, loads!) of flowers.

I'll be adding more Tuscany decorating information to this page ongoingly, so do make sure you return often - or subscribe to my RSS feed and get regular updates and Tuscany home decor inspiration! (Just click the orange RSS button in the top right corner on this page!)

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