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Exterior house colors are the first thing a visitor sees when they approach your home. They can help your home stand out, or blend elegantly into the neighborhood. And they can enhance your home's 'curb appeal' if you're looking to sell.

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... here are a few things you need to know:

  • All colors look different at different times of the day and in different weather conditions. Also, photos don't give a true-to-life representation of colors. For this reason, my color tips will have to be 'broad' rather than specific. I do not suggest specific paint numbers, because even if I had a manufacturer's paint chip in my hand, I would not be able to judge from a photo whether this hue/shade is right for your house.
  • Your question and photo(s) will be published - with an illustrated reply - on DreamHomeDecorating.com. By submitting your information and picture(s), you agree to be bound by the Submission Rules.
  • To get a reply, you need to ...

      ♦   upload at least one clear, daylight photo that shows the house within its neighborhood. (You can upload up to four pictures in total - closeups, different angles, whatever helps me understand the situation.) If you run into any problems with the uploading process, please contact me and I'll help you sort it out.

      ♦   leave your e-mail address with your submission. I will never share it with anyone, but I need it in case I have a question about your color problem or your photos. I have received several reader questions that I cannot answer because there's vital information missing, or the photos are fuzzy, and the person has not given me their e-mail address. So: no e-mail, no answer.

With that said, I very much look forward to your question! Please click the question marks in the submission form for additional information!

Ask Your Color Question!

Here's your opportunity to get some color input for your exterior house colors. Upload a photo (or more) and ask away!

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