Bedroom Interior Design Ideas
From France, Tuscany & The Alps

Try these bedroom interior design ideas for a bedroom makeover with an original European twist!  (All pics authentically European, too!)

1. French Bedroom Interior Decorating

French country bedroom in Provence
Country French
Bedroom (Provence)

The best-known French country bedrooms are Southern French - mostly Provence and Languedoc-Roussillon.  I've photographed (and slept in) quite a few of them, and they're simply gorgeous.

There's an earthy, relaxed feel to French provincial bedrooms: simple bedsteads, plain white bedlinen and matelassé bedspreads (some canopy & iron beds, too). There are rough terracotta floor tiles and armoires.

French corbeille bed
Corbeille Bed

Provençal style has become almost a synonym for 'Country French' bedroom interior design, but there's more to France than just Provence!

Bedrooms in the southeastern parts of France (e.g. Burgundy and the Ardennes mountains) tend to have a cozier feel, with elegant French country beds and the occasional Rococo or Louis XVI settee.

simple French bedding at the Atlantic coast
Northern French
Country Bedroom

There are wooden floorboards with warm carpets, and fabrics are elegant - silk damask or at least toile prints.

Further north & west, French bedroom interior design begins to look similar to English styles; often with a nautical or vintage theme.

Check them all out - you'll find loads of gorgeous, quirky, off-the-wall, elegant, and very French bedroom decorating ideas to steal.

Oh, and if you're into frugal French bedroom decorating, have a look at the creative French country ideas page as well!

2. Tuscan Bedroom Decorating

Traditional Tuscan bedrooms have a distinct, slightly austere style that uses color with restraint while enriching the room with exquisite detail.

On my first visit, I was surprised by the whitewashed walls - there are few colored walls in Tuscan country homes! And even fewer wallpapers.

I did see some wonderful rough-and-ready stenciling in a Tuscan palazzo, but that was about as colorful as it got. (You'll see pictures of some of those walls on the page about Tuscan paint colors.)

Tuscan bedding & bedrooms
Tuscan Bed

Bedroom interior design for a rustic Tuscan bedroom should always include white or off-white matelassé bedspreads and, if at all possible, a black metal bed.

This could be a simple affair with 'cannonball' finials, or a wrought-iron bed with lots of elegant scrolling detail, or even a canopy bed for a really posh Tuscan style bedroom.

If you're not into rustic bedroom decorating, consider designing your bedroom around an elegant Tuscan bed ... or give the room a more contemporary edge, with a white metal bed and modern 'country' Tuscan bedding in solid colors, florals, or subtle classical patterns.

Tuscan wrought-iron bed
'Palazzo' Bed

As an alternative to metal, wooden bedsteads are equally at home in Tuscan bedroom interior decorating (view examples on the 'Tuscan beds' page).

Interestingly, Art Nouveau ("Stile Liberty") is another historically popular choice in Tuscany! You'll find an example on the page about contemporary Tuscan bedroom interior design.

3. Alpine Bedroom Interior Decorating

Country style bedroom in Switzerland
Swiss Country

The page about Country Style Bedroom Furniture has several pictures of beautiful, antique Swiss bedrooms.

It also takes you through a list of options and ideas for creative European country bedroom interior decorating.

Get inspired by plenty of bedroom decor ideas that can be done either on a shoestring, or with loads of disposable cash.

Alternatively, you could mine this page for bedroom makeover ideas that will give your bedroom a quick 'country-style facelift'.

4. Skandinavian Bedroom Interior Design

I didn't mention it in the title, but there's also a page with 19th-century pictures of Swedish country bedrooms, painted by much-loved artist Carl Larsson and decorated by his wife Karin.

This style made a big splash in northern and central Europe during Larsson's time, and it was copied for many Arts & Crafts interiors throughout Europe and in the USA.

5. Bedroom Colors

Bedroom Color Schemes
Color Schemes

Bedroom colors are an often-overlooked and incredibly important element of bedroom design.

With the right wall paint, you can transform your bedroom into a dream space at very little cost!

And whilst you're at it, also check out the pages about Tuscan and French country colors - loads of useful information for European bedroom interior design.

Of course, it isn't always easy to get the color right (as Lesley's Bedroom Decorating Story shows!)

Finally, check out more bedroom interior design ideas from fellow Dream Home Decorators here:

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