Cheap Home Decor Ideas

Cheap home decor can look absolutely fabulous (and anything but cheap!)

Use the inexpensive home decorating ideas on this page to create a gorgeous home on a shoestring. Add your personal twist to make frugal home decorating ideas look stylish and self-assured!

Even if you just pick up three budget decorating tips from the articles on this page, you'll add a wealth of attractiveness and original flair to your home.

Cheap Home Decor Ideas:

wall paint, Provence, France
Color & Paint

Color is the single, most-bang-for-your-buck frugal home decorating tool for your home. Even small color changes can completely transform the look and feel of a room. (Check out this bathroom makeover, for example!)

At the same time, many people feel intimidated and insecure around the topic of color.

You don't have to be!

Educate yourself in the Color section of this site - learn how to create a Room Color Scheme, how to Choose Colors for your home and make sure you get the right hues, tints or shades of Paint. In addition, read up on the Psychological Effects Of Color, so that you can consciously influence how you (& others) feel in your home.

Also, have a look at examples of how you can use color to change the look and feel of a room - on a shoestring! Check out Living Room Colors, Bedroom Decorating Colors and more Bedroom Color Schemes!

Cheap Home Decor Ideas:
Country Style

vase with wildflowers, Switzerland
Country Decorating
On A Budget

If, like me, you really love country decorating, check out the page about Country Decor On A Shoestring.

You will find budget-friendly ways to infuse your home with natural charm and Old-World country flair, all without spending much money (or any at all).

Also, have a look at the article about getting a Country Look for your home; it contains a number of easy-to-apply, inexpensive home decorating ideas.

And if you want to create a great country style bedroom on a budget (or learn how to make a headboard cheaply), visit the Country Style Bedroom Furniture page for some 'shoestring' ideas.

Cheap Home Decor Ideas
À La Française

footed glass bowl with fruit
French Decor

French country decorating - and French interior design generally - lends itself beautifully to cheap, chic decorating ideas.

The French are masters of shabby chic; they create incredibly tasteful and comfortable homes by recycling and repurposing interesting finds that many people wouldn't look at twice.

So do have a look at the page about French Country Home Decor On A Shoestring, as well as the article on Creative French Country Interior Decorating.

Both pages are brimful of cheap and simple - but very effective - French country decorating ideas.

On the 'Shoestring' page, you will also find some color information for inexpensive country French decorating.  (For more budget decorating ideas in "French" color, visit the dedicated page about French Country Colors.

Cheap Home Decor Ideas:
Don't Miss The Basics!

mother-of-pearl spoons
Decorating Ideas

Frugal home decorating is about priorities: What can you do with the money you have now, and what should you leave for another day? 

Check out the Top 7 Cheap Home Decorating Ideas to get you started.  These easy, free interior design ideas may not seem grand at first glance, but they will have a big impact on your home (and your well-being).

If you're looking to give your creativity a boost, check out the article on 30+ Frugal Living Ideas For Your Home for tips on how to recycle/transform what you have, in ways that express who you are. This page also lists free or inexpensive things you could use in your home (rather than buying expensive versions of the same thing).

Most people, once they get a chance to experience their natural creativity, take more pleasure in creating  than in owning  expensive stuff.

See if this is true for you, too! Have a look at the Frugal Decorating Shortcuts page, which takes you through your home, room by room, and gives you cheap interior decorating ideas that are really easy to use.

In addition, check out a selection of Frugal Living Websites - a constantly updated feed of inexpensive living and budget home decor ideas on the 'net. And if you have recently come across a really good frugal living website, recipe, or cheap home decorating idea yourself, do tell us on this page!

Cheap Home Decor Ideas:
Holiday Decorating & Homemade Gifts

elaborate notebook closure
Homemade Gifts

Beyond the frugal home decorating ideas on this site, there are loads of free handmade craft ideas and free downloadable craft patterns. So I thought I'd mention them here :-)

Have a browse around the Free Craft Pattern & Ideas Resource, as well as the section about Christmas Decorating.

In addition to the quick-n-easy Christmas craft freebies, allow me to point out my almost-famous Christmas Table Decoration idea that was published (together with several other cheap home decor ideas from this site) in a recent book, The Ultimate Christmas (Jeanne Bice,  ISBN-13: 978-0757307546).

Latest addition: A section on paper lantern craft.

simple paper lanterns made of rolled printer paper
How To Make
Paper Lanterns

How To Make Paper Lanterns is a page chock full of cheap, simple (but gorgeous) paper lantern crafts.

Or, try Making Paper Lanterns from doilies and disposable plastic cups, or folding paper into pleat-and-cutwork lanterns - perfect if you're looking for easy paper crafts for kids!

There's also a free printable paper lantern design (actually, three of them ... and more to come!)

More cheap home decor ideas:

You'll find loads of festive crafts & budget decorating ideas in the Christmas section on this site.

I also like what Marie Grabo did to spruce up her bathroom with glass mosaics - described on her "How to Glass Mosaic" page. Cheap, fun and creative!

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