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Living Room Decorating Ideas From Europe:
French, Tuscan, Alpine & Skandinavian
Living Room Styles & Colors

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Living Room Decorating Ideas In Detail

Living room interior designs in Europe range from cozy to cool, from antique to cutting-edge.

And it's not so much about what you have, it's about how you put it together.

We mix living room styles and like having fun with living room color schemes!

Living Room Paint Colors & Color Schemes

living room color illustration
Living Room

The best and the worst of living room color schemes becomes immediately obvious when you watch one living room go through different color palettes.

For more about living room paint colors, especially the basics, take a look at some of the "how-to" pages: Interior design colors takes you through the process of "coloring" a living room from scratch. Choosing interior paint colors helps with finding living room paint ideas.

The page about paint color ideas shows how you can take color schemes from virtually anywhere and apply them to living room interior designs.

In addition, you'll find ready-made color schemes for living room paint colors on the page about great color combinations.

There's also a special page about French country colors that contains some cool, French-style living room decorating ideas. (For yet more French color ideas, head over to the French country decor on a shoestring page.) Of course, Tuscan Colors are great for "coloring" your living room design ideas as well ... have a look!

Ideas For Living Room Curtains & Drapes

french country drapes
Country Curtains

The choice of fabrics has a massive impact on living room interior designs, and this impact is not limited to the window treatments ...

... as you'll see on the page about French country curtains, there's a range of intriguing options for livingroom curtains that cover windows, doors, passageways and even wardrobes.

Tuscan window treatments are usually quite simple, but they'll give you great creative scope for adding a fresh Mediterranean flavor to living room interior designs in the Southern European tradition.

And if you're decorating a country style living room, I suggest you get the lowdown on country window treatments and Italian exterior window treatments, too.

Living Room Area Rugs

living room area rug with stripes
Living Room
Area Rugs

Living room area rugs add a triple whammy of color, pattern and texture to your space.

One trick in modern living room design is to use a gorgeous rug to spark off an abundance of living room decorating ideas and color palettes.

However, if you already have the living room and just want to add a rug, things can get more complicated. The larger your rug design and the higher its light/dark contrast, the more a rug will impact the entire room.

My 2-part series about living room rugs and living room area rugs illustrates the size, color, design & budget aspects of buying a rug.

Country French Living Room Styles

French toile sofa
French Country
Decor Ideas

French and French Country living room design ideas usually start with something old, like an intriguing length of fabric or an old piece of French wall art ... and then living room decorating ideas are created to complement these items.

Creative French country interior decorating manages to be simultaneously "shabby chic" and very classy (click the link to see how that works :-)

If you're after budget ideas to decorate a lving room in the Country French style, check out the page about French country decor on a shoestring.

Tuscan Living Room Ideas

Tuscan marble statue
Tuscan Interiors

Here are some "secrets" of Tuscan decorating and Tuscan living room design ideas:

  • Keep it simple (and keep the walls white!)
  • Hang typical Tuscan wall art, including handmade Tuscan ceramics, on some of the walls (and/or have a ceramic centerpiece on the coffee table!)
  • Use Tuscan-style country living room furniture, e.g. a Tuscan armoire, but steer clear of "frothy" ornamentation ... and go light on the wrought iron :-)
  • Genuine Tuscan living room styles are simple, almost austere.

Country Living Room Furniture

wooden country chairs from Alsace
Country Style
Living Rooms

The country & cottage style living room ideas on this site are informed by traditional, authentic European country styles.

You'll find living room photos from Swiss, Italian and Swedish traditions as inspiration for your own living room interior designs.

European-style country living room furniture is usually simple, sturdy and well-used. (In the olden days, furnishing a house was a once-and-for-all affair, and "fashion" or "design" never once entered the picture!)

Nowadays, of course, there are loads of fashionable living room interior designs for country homes. If you're looking for, say, a country style sofa, there's bound to be way too much choice (the dedicated page will help you choose a style that's right for you).

If you need living room ideas that help you get the look of original, Euopean country homes, you'll find plenty of living room photos and creative inspiration in the articles about rustic country style decor and country style decorating. And finally, for country style living room ideas on a shoestring, try the article about, well, country style home decor on a shoestring :-)

Ideas For Living Room Makeovers

Greek living room with orange couch
Living Room

Several Dream Home Decorators have shared their own living room makeovers and living room photos with us, and some have asked me for living room decorating ideas to support them with their projects.

As a result, here's a list of illustrated ideas and before-and-after examples of living room makeovers:

Maureen (Canada) decided to redecorate her gorgeous lakeside log cabin to introduce a more 'masculine' note.

Jinny (UK) went through four Indian-inspired living room makeovers, and documented them all for us.

Risa (Canada) softened her living room decor with curtains and introduced a cozy reading nook to make her home more 'sellable' - and ended up staying!

Shaan (South Africa) moved to Germany and found she had to re-think her living room color concept. (The page contains three living room interior designs in variations of the same color scheme, but each in a different 'spirit'.)

Melanie (Australia) was looking for ideas to brighten up a gloomy living room & dining room in her mountain home.

Rhona (Greece) had an orange-colored couch and was looking for a color scheme that would complement her living room decorating ideas.

Jai (London, UK) gutted his Victorian front room and gave it an elegant, 'Sherlock Holmes' look.

Giulia (USA) found that when her new sofa arrived, the color didn't look the same as in the shop. She needed living room decorating ideas to integrate the new sofa into her existing color scheme.

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