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Easy Easter Craft Ideas
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Easter craft ideas and DIY Easter decorating ideas for creative people! Create a gorgeous Easter centerpiece, pattern-dye your own Easter eggs, and create cute, contemporary Easter paper crafts from scratch.

A) Decorating Easter Eggs

Freshly dyed Easter eggs on a drying rack.

How To Dye Easter Eggs:

The complete low-down on how to color Easter eggs (brown or white, chicken or duck) ... includes tips & tricks for getting multiple hues out of a limited number of dyes!

two-color Easter egg designs with masking tape and dye

Easter Egg Designs:

Decorating Easter eggs, the low-tech way:

Learn how to create lovely two-color Easter egg patterns from scratch!

B) Craft Ideas For Easter:

Colored Easter egg in a nest made of paper strips

Make A Paper Easter Nest:

They're sooo cute - and they're also incredibly cheap and fast to make.

Learn how to create small paper Easter nests from kraft paper, and display your colorful Easter egg creations!

C) Easter Centerpiece Ideas & Easter Table Decorations

easter eggs in a tall glass container

Easter Centerpiece Ideas:

A collection of quick & easy Easter table centerpieces from Europe.

Get inspired to use simple materials with hand-dyed Easter eggs for quirky or elegant Easter tables!

Easter table decorating with candlesticks and Easter eggs

Easter Table Decorating With Candlesticks:

It couldn't be simpler.

Take a pretty candle holder, set it on a plate, and display Easter eggs at its feet. (Go to the page for the entire how-to!)

paper Easter nests in a row on the Easter breakfast table

Easter Eggs Centerpiece:

Colorful Easter eggs in tiny nests, lined up across an informal, contemporary Easter table - if you were looking for some very easy Easter paper crafts, look no further!

super easy easter table with dye lights and chocolate bunnies in glass nests

Quick & Easy Easter Table:

Mini Easter nests in glass tumblers and floating candles in wine glasses: This Easter table is set up in minutes. (Dye the water to suit your table color scheme!)

Provence style Easter table center piece

Provence-Style Easter Table:

Simple Easter table setting ideas for a Southern French look:

Not much is needed for warm, summery gorgeousness à la française!

Easter dinner table decoration with dyed eggs in individual nests

Easter Dinner Table Decoration:

Single-egg paper nests and a fabulous flower display you can create at low cost: A frugal yet elegant (if slightly whacky) Easter dinner table for two.

Easter table centerpiece made from hand-dyed Easter eggs

Minimalist Easter Table Centerpiece:

This Easter centerpiece is the best of the bunch (so far) ...

... super simple, versatile, inexpensive, and f-a-s-t. Perfect for busy people who like a clean look.

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