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Valentine Craft Ideas:
Pretty Homemade Valentine Ideas & Templates

The Valentine craft ideas on this site are all about home decorating: Make a garland, create Valentine table decorations, or pretty up your front door on Saint Valentine's Day. Click a Pic:

  • Make Valentine door decorations from recycled coffee bags - they crumple less than aluminum foil, and they won't rip! These shiny silver hearts are easy-to-make Valentine's Day crafts for kids, too.
  • If you're looking to create Valentine yard decorations, check out the Valentine Day outdoor decoration page: you can make these laminated Valentine hearts from thin fabric or paper (including giftwrap, paper napkin layers or tissue paper). If you don't happen to have any suitable paper to hand, check out the ...
  • ... Valentines Day hearts. You'll find three sets of designs (so far) that work well for garlands, coasters, place cards, but they also make lovely decorations for a homemade Valentine card or gift.
  • And if you're looking for blank Valentine templates to download, see if you like my Valentine heart templates in different sizes and shapes.
  • Valentine paper crafts are cheap to make but they don't need to look cheap. Well, this one doesn't: a paper 'heart of hearts' that can be scaled up or down and looks lovely on walls, doors or shelves.
  • My idea for Valentine table decorations works along similar lines. Have a look - loads of varieties and options here!

In terms of Valentine craft ideas, this page is just the beginning. You'll find many more homemade Valentine ideas and designs for interior and exterior Valentine decorating as the weeks go by!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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