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How To Make Paper Lanterns:
Quick & Easy Paper Lantern Crafts
& Tea Light Candleholders

How to make paper lanterns from stuff you have at home: DIY wedding paper lanterns, Christmas paper houses, and more - including free paper lantern pattern downloads!  Just Click a Pic:

  • Download my three paper house lanterns as a Christmas craft gift, housewarming gift, hostess gift, or simply as a mantel/table decoration for your own home. These paper house lanterns fold down flat, and they fit into standard-size envelopes, so you could send them as special greeting cards, too!
  • If you're in a rush and just have a few sheets of stationery paper and some lightweight bangles, and you're wondering how to make paper lanterns from scratch and F-A-S-T, look no further. They're easy paper lantern crafts that look particularly cool with pinprick patterns!
  • Free printable templates are the basis for my cylindrical paper lantern design: Just print, cut out & glue together. No easier way to make a paper lantern! The page contains instructions for creating your own paper lantern pattern designs as well.
  • The doily & tealight lanterns are great if you're making paper lanterns for a wedding table or another festive occasion. (You can only use them with LED tealights, though!)
  • If you're looking for paper lantern craft you can do with children, the cutout paper lanterns might fit the bill. You can make them in any size you want, from any paper you want, and they throw wonderful light patterns on the wall!
  • Tealights are a staple in European households (after all, we use them to keep our tea warm!) So we always come up with lots of ways to use tea lights in a decorative way as well. Here are two ideas, one for Valentine's Day table centerpieces and one for St Patrick's Day lights!

I love paper lantern crafts, and since I can't stop making them, you may want to come back here occasionally to try out the latest designs. There'll be instructions on how to make paper lanterns from tracing paper, vellum, mulberry paper and rice paper (among other things). See you soon ... enjoy!

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