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Interior Color Scheme Ideas:
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An interior color scheme that really  works is never a one-size-fits-all. So go ahead and ask me a color question ... and/or check out some of the links & learn how to give your  rooms a personalized interior design color scheme!

♦   If you need inspiration or step by step instructions to create an interior color scheme, check out this list.

♦   If you have a specific question about interior color combinations for a room (or a confined area) in your home, you can submit your question here.

♦   Here are some decorating color questions others have asked in the past!

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Interior Color Scheme Ideas: Readers' Favorite Pages

Here's also a selection of color scheme books you could explore (they've all received very good ratings at Amazon.com):

Before You Ask Your Color Question ....

Here are a few things you need to know:

  • You can ask color questions about one room (or a confined area).
  • Since colors look different under different light sources, and photos never show exactly the colors you see with your own eyes, my color tips will have to be 'broad' rather than specific. I do not suggest paint names or numbers, nor do I recommend fabrics or wallpapers. Even if I had a manufacturer's paint chip in my hand, I would not be able to judge from a photo whether this exact hue/shade is right for your room.
  • Your question and photo(s) will be published - with an illustrated reply - on DreamHomeDecorating.com, so that other readers can use it to solve similar color issues. By submitting your information and picture(s), you agree to be bound by the Submission Rules.
  • To get a reply, you need to ...

      ♦   upload at least one clear, daylight photo that shows the room/area in question. (You can upload up to four pictures in total. Make sure the photos clearly show all relevant room colors and have a large enough resolution - at least 150dpi). If you run into any problems with the uploading process, please contact me and I'll help you sort it out.

      ♦   leave your e-mail address with your submission. I will never share it with anyone, but I need it in case I have a question about your color problem or your photos. I have received several reader questions that I cannot answer because there's vital information missing, or the photos are fuzzy, and the person has not given me their e-mail address. So: no e-mail, no answer.

And with that, over to you! For additional information, please click the question marks in the submission form!

Ask Your Color Question!

Here's your opportunity to get some color input for a room in your home. Upload a photo (or more) and ask away!

Questions Other Visitors Have Submitted

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Interior Color Scheme Questions:
What Others Have Asked

1. General

Wall Color Ideas:
"...Crayon Box Explosion?" How to create nature-inspired wall treatments that look 'real'.

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Are pastel color schemes out of date?

How To Brighten A Dark Room
Paint the walls, and change the colors of a few key pieces of furniture!

What Colors Go Well With ...
... the wood in my kitchen? Can I mix different woods? What wall colors would pull it all together?

2. Living Room Colors

Colors For A Living Room Floor:
How to make sure you pick the right color for your carpet or rug.

Livingroom Colors With Burnt Orange:
How to find living room color schemes for a white room with an orange couch in it.

Paint Colors For A Living Room:
How to match paint colors for a living room with natural pine walls, and add the right curtain color.

Family Room Colors: My new sofa doesn't look anything like it did in the showroom. Now I'm stuck with it. How can I use color to integrate it into our family room?

Neutral Colors For A Living Room:  How Many Is Too  Many?:
Cherry, Oak, Porcini & Chocolate ... how do I get these to work together?

3. Bathroom Color Schemes

Bathroom Color Ideas With Blue:

  • I already have blue, white, and black - do I need another color?
  • How do I rescue a blue bathroom wall color gone wrong?
  • How best do I create a neutral/blue bathroom color scheme?

4. Bedroom Color Schemes

Bedroom Color Ideas:  What Color Goes With ... ?
Would these bedroom color ideas work!?

5. Home Staging

Staging A Home To Sell:
How can I stage my home for sale just by painting the walls & trims? Could you give me some virtual home staging tips?

6. Commercial Spaces

Craft Display:
What's the best background color for presenting and selling craft objects?

French Cheese Shop:
What interior color scheme would work for a cheese shop with a 'French Country' theme?

Hair Salon:
My hair salon furniture is burgundy. What would be a good color for the walls? I'm thinking maybe green.

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