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"What color would work for my hair salon?"  (Reader question)

My hair salon furniture is burgundy. What would be a good color for the walls? I am thinking maybe green.

I want contrast and an uptown look. My carpet is burgundy and I think I would prefer wooden flooring.


Hi Karen,

If you want an upmarket look, then painting the hair salon walls green is probably not a good idea, because

  • Most contemporary 'uptown' salons present a calm, neutral 'spa' look, so if you want to attract upmarket customers, it's best to offer them what they're already familiar with.
  • Green wall color is very  difficult to get right, and not that many people actually like green walls.
  • With strong light bouncing around, the color green might reflect on the faces of your customers. Most people don't look wonderful with a green sheen on their face. And you want your customers to feel good about themselves in your salon!

So what could you do instead?

To create the contrast you have in mind, your burgundy furniture would look best with white (or cream) walls, in combination with black, or charcoal, or black-and-white tiled flooring.

Alternatively, if you choose wooden flooring, a dark brown hardwood floor (or laminate) would complement your burgundy furniture & create a very chic, contemporary look.

If you were to choose black-and-white (or charcoal-and-cream) tiles for your floor, your wall color should be the same white as the white (or cream) of the tiles.

I hope this helps, Karen. Good luck with your business!

All the Best,

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