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DIY St Patricks Day Lights:
Quick & Easy St Patrick Day Crafts.

These St Patricks Day lights look great on a dinner party table, but they make cool St Patricks Day party favors, too.

St Patricks Day lights made of paper strips and tealights

You will need:

list of ingredients for making St Patrick day crafts

  • corrugated cardboard
  • flexible colored card, around 220gsm/4-sheet/280 microns.
  • scissors
  • cutting mat
  • metal ruler
  • craft knife
  • bone folder (for making the tealight cups)
  • glue, or a glue gun (not pictured - I recommend the gun)

Steps 1-2:
Create The Basic Cups For St Patricks Day Lights
& Prep The Card Strips

paper cups for St Patricks tea lights
Green tealight cups for St Patricks Day lights
(made from colored card & corrugated cardboard).

Step 1:

The instructions for making the basic tea light holders are here.

Step 2:

The paper strips for the St Patricks Day shamrocks need to be exactly as wide as the sides of the tealight cups, and about 4½in/11.4cm long.

Steps 3-6: Create The Shamrock Leaves

How to make St Patricks day shamrocks from paper
How to make St Patricks day shamrocks from colored card

Steps 3-5:

Fold, curl and glue the shamrock leaves. To get a nice round shape for the top of your 'hearts', try quilling the card strip around a pen or pencil:

Quilling a heart shape
Quilling a paper heart shape

Step 6:

After gluing, hide your mistakes. Maybe it's just me, but I've found that gluing those shamrock leaves can get a bit messy, what with glue squishing out and edges not exactly aligned. However, you can hide most blemishes by cutting the pointy end of the notch back two millimeters or three. (That will give you a prettier heart shape, too.)

Cutting the notch of a paper heart
Cut back the notch of the shamrock leaf

Now just rinse & repeat until you have produced the necessary number of shamrock leaves to assemble your St Patricks Day lights:

Cutting the notch of a paper heart

Step 7: Assemble The Tealight Holders

How to make St Patrick day tealight crafts from colored card
Where to glue the St Patricks Day lights

Begin by gluing a trefoil together. Make sure it has dried completely before attaching it to the tealight cup (you don't want the leaves to slide around and ruin the shamrock shape).

How to make St Patrick day tealight crafts from colored card

Always place the glue in the middle of the paper strips to keep it out of sight. You can even hide the seam of the tealight cup by placing one side of the shamrock right over it, for a totally flawless look :-)

St Patricks Day tealight decoration
Easy St Patrick Day Crafts!

Ideas & Variations:

St Patricks Day tealight decoration
St Patrick Day Tealights

Just scatter the tealights across your table, or arrange them in a long row (as shown in Step 7b).

St Patricks Day shamrock decoration
Four-Leaf Clover Decorations

If you're pressed for time or don't want the fuss of making entire tealight holders, these four-leaf clovers are a quick & easy St Patrick Day decoration. They'll look even better when you make them in different sizes (i.e. with strips between, say, 4½ and 6½ inches long).

St Patricks Day shamrocks

Finally, here's how to do a proper shamrock in my paper strip technique: Cut a strip the same width as the hearts, fold and curl it to create the look of a stem, and fold the top ½ inch out on either side. Then glue the top ends of the stem together, leaving the 'flaps' free.

These two flaps are where you attach the three hearts.

Special thanks to craftgossip.com for inspiring me to come up with the ideas for these St Patrick Day crafts!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day ... Enjoy!

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