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Do you have any exterior paint color ideas that would make my brick house front door 'pop'?  (Reader question).

brick house with turquoise and orange color entrances

Brick house with eye-popping orange and turquoise doors, London, UK

I have an orangish color brick house, with a recessed front door which appears quite dark.

What color would really "pop" from the street?

I am thinking chartreuse... but am open.. any exact color would be helpful!

Kathy (USA)

Hi Kathy,

Chartreuse would be an excellent choice for an eye-popping entrance!

Other than chartreuse, the following colors are either opposite (on the 4-primary color wheel) or complementary (on the 3-primary color wheel) to orange.

Any of them could work, as long as they're bright and saturated enough:

1. Greens:

  • pistachio
  • turquoise
  • mint
  • bright olive
  • light chalky sage green

2. Blues:

  • aqua
  • bright, light cornflower blue
  • light cerulean blue
  • duck egg blue
  • light sky blue
  • icy blue

Here are a few examples of what your front door might look like:

exterior entrance color ideas for a brick house
Exterior paint color ideas for a recessed brick house entrance

I'd rather not give you any paint names/numbers because
a) I don't know what exterior paint colors are available in your neck of the woods, and
b) it really is a matter of experimenting to find which color would make the most suitable partner for your exterior brick walls.

Wishing you the best of luck with your project -

Kathy wrote back & said she had decided to go with "Tiffany Blue".

exterior paint color idea for an entrance: tiffany 

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