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For A French Cheese Shop

What color decorating ideas would work for our indoor market stall?
(Reader Question).

We are planning to become vendors at an indoor Marketplace.

It will be a lovely cheese shop with a French Country feel. The area is 9x15. Can you suggest a color scheme?

Susan (USA)

Hi Susan,

Before you settle on color decorating ideas for your shop, make sure you take stock of the colors that will automatically be part of the color scheme:

  • the colors that are already (and will remain) part of the space (e.g. flooring, entrance, hardware, etc.), as well as ...
  • any materials / tools / furniture / display boards / branding colors that come with your trade.

(Click here for a list of things to pay attention to!)

You'll find inspiration for "French country" color decorating ideas in different parts/aspects of France, for example:

  • The French Alps (as well as other mountainous regions of France, like the Ardennes and the Pyrenees).  A typical 'French mountain' color scheme consists of muted reds and creamy whites, combined with shades of warm gray and dark brown (unpainted) wood:  check out Color square No. 3 on this page.
  • The French Flag. However, rather than going with primary red-white-blue, you could take a more sophisticated approach to this simple color scheme. Here's a page to check out examples of red-blue-white French color schemes with attitude!
  • A Gustavian color scheme of chalky whites and bluish, cool greys is another option. You could combine these with blonde woood, but that's optional. Of course, Gustavian color schemes are a Swedish import (and the Swedes, in turn, imported the lines and shapes of the 'Gustavian' style from the French court in the 18th century). So, why use this style for a "French" cheese shop? Well, Gustavian greys are currently really popular in French country decorating ... and they look exceptionally good in combination with mellow yellow.
  • A French Atlantic coastal color scheme of blue (light blue & mid-tones, as well as deep navy hues), clean whites, straw colors, and a few red accents. These could spark off good color decorating ideas for a French cheese shop - fresh, spruce, summery, and sufficiently close to the 'French Flag' theme.   Color square No. 2 is a good example.

I hope this helps, Susan, and I wish you Good Luck with your venture!

Best Wishes,

Here's part of Susan's reply, with what looks to me like an utterly yummy color scheme:

The color scheme we chose was a Tomato Bisque paint for one wall and copper accessories and midnight blue accents. We felt that the Tomato would catch your eye right away. What do you think?

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