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Blue Color Schemes:
Shades Of Blue Color For Your Home

Blue color schemes can work in almost any home. However, many blue paint colors look & feel cool, so blue-heavy palettes are best used in bright, 'warm' rooms that get plenty of sunlight - or in spaces where warm colors dominate.

Apart from this caution, though, there are only positives. Blue color schemes are almost foolproof because ...

  • Blue is more versatile than most other colors. Plenty of colors that go with blue!
  • Blue color palettes are reliable crowd pleasers.  I've never, ever met anyone who didn't like blue.

Shades Of Blue Color:
More Interior Color Schemes With Blue

Navy blue color goes with everything. Absolutely everything. Have a look:

blue color scheme with navy, cognac, cool brown, magenta, rose
Navy blue + cognac + cool brown + cerise + rose

color scheme: tomato red, light cobalt blue, pale olive, navy blue
Tomato red + light cobalt blue + pale olive + navy blue

colors that go with blue:  navy, lilac, yellow-greens & blue-greens
Navy blue + lilac + yellow-greens/blue-greens

  Navy blue has so much black in it that you can add it to most interior color combinations for value contrast (e.g. as an unobtrusive, dark blue background color to show off the brighter hues).

In a room color scheme, navy blue works as a "soft black": you can use it as an 'eyeliner' to draw attention to a gorgeous shape (for example through piping or trims), or to add importance/interest to, say, a curtain or a picture.

Other blue (paint) colors you could use for dark blue color schemes:

  • Midnight blue  (just add some more black to navy blue or any of the other shades of blue color in this list),
  • Deep indigo, Prussian blue, dark slate blue  (see below for examples)

Best wall colors that go with navy blue: Well, never mind the navy blue. Choose wall paint colors that go with the other color elements in your interior color schemes.
Best wood stains: Ditto!

Wild Iris

color palette with aqua, dove grey, iris, desert sand
Aqua + dove grey + iris blue + desert sand

  This can be a very intriguing palette. If you have honey-colored (leather) furniture, or wooden flooring in golden hues, consider combining them with aqua, grey, and a deep (but brilliant) purplish iris blue. (The whole thing's an extended blue-orange complementary room color scheme).

Best wall colors: Pale grey, ivory, or pale gold.
Best wood stain: Golden oak.

Brick & Slate

color combination of brick red, cotto red, slate blue, bright olive green, cool pink
Brick red + cotto + slate blue + bright olive green + cool pink + lighter slate

  What color is slate blue?  It's a natural bluish-grey rock color, often with a smidgen of green in it. (The roof slates on my house come from a quarry in North Wales and are called 'Bangor Blues'.) The perfect complement for slate blue is a warm, earthy, reddish orange. You can spruce up a slate blue color scheme by adding a warm green and/or a cool pink.

Best wall colors: Cool grey, milky white, pale terracotta.
Best wood stains: Teak, limed oak.

Windy Skies

seaside color schemes: chocolate brown, pale misty blue, white, duck egg blue, warm grey, terracotta
Chocolate brown + pale misty sky + white + duck-egg blue + grey + terracotta

  A grey-brown-and-blue color scheme for a soothing, calming space. Looks wonderful with a lot of natural white, neutral/warm greys and a few small red accents. This blue palette would be perfectly at home in a Cornish fishing village or on a Swedish island.

Best wall colors: warm grey, milky white, pale terracotta.
Best wood stains: Teak, limed oak.

True Grit

washed-out blues: taupe, washed denim, venetian red, vintage leather, deep indigo, misty sky blue, maroon, pale indigo
Taupe + washed denim + Venetian red + vintage leather + deep indigo
+ misty sky blue + maroon + pale indigo

  Blue denim meets an extended family of browns in this brown-and-blue color scheme. For a rustic 'tack room' palette like this, it's important to use several tints and shades of blue color, as well as several hues of natural brown. Reddish and orangey browns look great with shades of blue color; as the complementary of blue, orange can warm up even the dullest gathering of washed denim.

Best wall colors: pale taupe, as well as any tint/shade of indigo blue or terracotta.
Best wood stains: Antique cherry, cedar.

Greek Holiday

colors that go with blue: mint, french blue, eucalyptus green, misty sky, taupe, deep ocean blue, royal blue
Royal blue + French blue + eucalyptus green + misty sky blue
+ pale mauve + deep ocean blue + mint

  For a room that gets loads of sunshine, this Mediterranean blue color palette would make a lovely, fresh analogous color scheme. Back it up with 'seaside' neutrals like sand, cream, white.  For small accents to ocean blue color schemes, nothing beats orange  (the complementary of blue):

color scheme: mint, french blue, eucalyptus, misty sky, taupe, light teal, royal blue, orange
Ocean blue color scheme + bright orange

Best wall colors: white, palest misty blue.
Best wood stain: Weathered pine.

More Color Schemes That Go With Blue:
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Finally, you may also want to check out some of this inspiration for interior color schemes:

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  • Understand how you can play off warm and cool colors against each other. (Very important for blue color schemes!_
  • Learn some of the best color combinations from the French (lots of blue paint colors there!) or the Tuscans.
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