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Shades Of Green Color:
8 Green Color Schemes

Nature has so many hues and shades of green color that a room color scheme in green paint colors can easily look flat and fake. Unfortunately, that's often what happens!

The best colors that go with green are

  • blue (a 'marriage' that was definitely made in heaven),
  • red (a strong, complementary color combination that works very well), and
  • neutrals (warm or cool). Plenty of examples below!

English Cottage Garden

colors that go with green: blue spruce, cornflower, sugar pink, rose, spring green, warm white, mint, rose madder

Blue spruce + cornflower + sugar pink + rose + pale lime green
+ chalky white + mint + rose madder

  Mint is a perfect green tint for a summery palette of reds, pinks, intense blues (you could replace the cornflower blue with gentian or larkspur blue), and a few additional, warm and cool green paint colors. Freshen it up with a bit of white (e.g. on walls, window treatments, trims)

Best wall colors: chalky white, pale pink or mint.
Best wood stains: Any, from blond to dark (including reddish hues).

Vibrant Bouquet

lime green color scheme: vermilion, fuchsia, citrus greens, lily white

Vermilion + fuchsia + citrus greens + lily white + pine

  Fuchsia & lime are popular wedding colors, but this split-complementary color scheme (shades of green color + purplish/orangey reds) looks fabulous in interior design as well. It works best with luxurious fabrics (silk, velvet, wool) which bring out the full strength of the dyes much better than, say, cotton.

Best wall colors: Light silvery grey or buttermilk white.
Best wood stain: Antique walnut.

Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

green color scheme for decoration: verdigris, mint, palest lavender, whipped cream, dark chocolate

Verdigris + mint + palest lavender + whipped cream + dark chocolate

  Take the mint from the 'English Cottage Garden' color scheme above, and combine it with verdigris and a dark chocolate-ice-cream brown for a rather elegant look. Interior design color schemes like this one look good with a 'powdery' finish: matt fabrics and surfaces with a few glossy dark brown accents.

Best wall color: Milky white. (You could add an accent wall in verdigris or ice chocolate frappé).
Best wood stain: Antique mahogany.

Arts & Crafts & Hunter Green

hunter green color scheme: antique jade green, linen white, grey-blue, deep gold, hunter green, rich red

Antique French green + linen white + grey-blue + deep golden yellow
+ hunter green + rich red

  These green paint colors would be perfectly at home in the Larssons' Swedish country home. The combination of hunter green and a rich, deep, ruby red was widely used in the Victorian era, particularly by the Arts & Crafts crowd. You could liven up the color scheme with related shades of green color, like sage green, teal, and green grape.

Best wall colors: Pale gold, sage green.
Best wood stains: Antique cherry, rustic oak.

Dusky Meadow

green and other colors: teal, chartreuse, turquoise, bright olive, cobalt blue, pale jade

Teal + chartreuse + deep turquoise + bright olive + cobalt blue + pale jade

  Combined with neutrals, this blue-green analogous color combination makes for easy, informal interior design color schemes.  (Make sure you combine warm and cool hues, tints & shades of green color for a natural look.)

Best wall colors: White, pale misty blue, very light sand.
Best wood stains: Natural oak, vintage pine, colonial maple.

Vintage Blanket

color scheme ideas for green: sky blue, rust, putty, pomegranate red, pale gold, olive green

Sky blue + rust + putty + pomegranate red + pale gold + olive green

  A very flexible retro color scheme, where the sky blue could be replaced with duck egg blue or aqua blue, and the rust with purply-grey mauve  (below) or even plum (here)

Best wall colors: Cream, pale sky blue.
Best wood stains: Teak, oiled oak.

Vintage Blanket II

colors that go with green: olive green, pale gold, pomegranate red, putty, mauve, duck-egg blue

Olive green + pale gold + pomegranate red + putty + mauve + duck-egg blue

  Here, the rust color has been replaced with taupe, and the sky blue with duck-egg blue. Note how this cools down the entire color scheme: even though olive green is a warm color, this  shade of olive has so much black in it that the cool hues can just take over.

Best wall colors: Cream, pale duck-egg blue, palest mauve.
Best wood stains: Teak, oiled oak.


what color goes with green: shell pink, teal, paper, taupe, old gold, dusty plum

Shell pink + teal + paper + taupe + old gold + dusty plum

  From country blankets back to urban finery ... here's a chic, quasi-complementary room color scheme where teal takes center stage, warm shell pink provides bright accents and all the other colors mingle in the background.

Best wall colors: Plaster, taupe, pale shell pink.
Best wood stain: Ebony.

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