Waverly Toile Fabric For Less!

Waverly toile fabric is made by a market leader - the company is renowned for the quality and diversity of its toile de Jouy  fabric designs. Their current collection of French toile fabric has 37 items, most of which you'll find below, sorted by color groups, many at discount prices.

Red & Pink  Waverly Toile Fabric

Red toile  fabric is one of the oldest, most authentic French toile de Jouy designs: a red vignettes printed onto a white background. The background colors can range from milky white to a dark écru (on antique toile de Jouy).

  • Combine with fabrics/wall paints in white/cream (depending on background color), solid red and dark red.
  • For more color/pattern combination tips, check out the article about Decorating With Toile De Jouy  Fabric.
  • Best wood stains: Antique walnut, rustic oak, antique cherry.

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Blue  Waverly Toile Fabric

Indigo blue toile de Jouy  fabric is another early classic from the Oberkampf factory in Jouy-en-Josas.

  • Combine it with fabrics/wall paints in white/cream (sand and écru also look great with blue toile de Jouy  fabric). Then, stir a few tints, shades & tones of matching blues into the mix.
  • Make sure you don't "overtoile"  (it's easy to do  :-)
  • Best wood stains: Rustic, dark stains look good with darker fabrics; blond woods or limed oak go well with lighter blue toile decorator fabric.

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Black  Waverly Toile Fabric

Black toile de Jouy  fabric, though another one of Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf's oldest (1760s) styles, is a firm favorite in contemporary black-and-white interiors. Black toile  shower curtains are the perfect way to add elegance to a simple white bathroom.

  • A word of caution when you're decorating in white surroundings: Make sure the background white of your toile de Jouy  fabric matches the majority of the room, because next to a bright white (say, a bathtub), a creamy white/ivory length of black toile  fabric will look 'dirty', even when it isn't.
  • To soften the stark black-white contrast, add warm neutrals where possible (natural straw colors are great).
  • Best wood stains: Walnut or ebony (or black glossy paint).

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Green & Blue/Yellow  Waverly Toile Fabric

The original green toile de Jouy  fabric was produced a little later than the oldest monochromes: the first green toiles de Jouy  date from 1806.

  • Apart from mix-n-matching with other green and white textiles and/or wall paints, try combining green toile de Jouy  fabric with red.  Red and green complementary color schemes are incredibly robust & usually come out great.
  • Best wood stains: Dark hardwoods.

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