Toile Wallpaper
& Easy DIY Ideas For Toile De Jouy  Prints

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... 7 easy DIY country French decorating ideas with toile design wallpaper.

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Country French Decorating Ideas With Toile Paper/Wallpaper

toile wallpaper headboard
Toile Wallpaper

You could, of course, just paper an entire room with toile design wallpaper. (Here are some photos of what that might look like, and here's a bathroom covered entirely in toile de Jouy).

I'm convinced, though, that you can just as easily achieve a "French" look with less effort & money. For example:

  • Turn a rectangular MDF sheet into a headboard for a platform bed by 'wallpapering' it with a toile print. (Fold the paper over the edges so no wood shows - example above left!).
  • Wallpaper/découpage the drawer fronts of an old dresser with toile paper. Then paint the rest of the dresser in a matching color. The same would work for an occasional tabletop or cupboard doors!
  • Decoupage a wide, flat, uninteresting picture/mirror frame with toile design wallpaper.
  • Wallpaper the back wall of an open shelf (or cupboard) with a toile design (or a toile border), like this:

toile wallpaper on the back of an open cupboard, with staffordshire transferware
Toile print wallpaper at the back of an open cupboard
(photo courtesy of Wonderlane)

Some more ideas for decorating with toile  printed wallpaper:

  • In a home office, cover the backs of your filing system (boxes or binders) with toile design wallpaper.
  • Wallpaper the bottom (= the 'cargo area') of a wooden tray with a toile print (use a clear sealant to protect the surface from spillages!)
  • Use toile wallpaper above/below the chair rail only. Or, run a narrow ledge along the wall (about 20" below ceiling height). Wallpaper with toile print below the ledge, and display blue Staffordshire transferware / black transferware on the ledge, against a solid-color background. Some of the early English transferware designs are still produced today, and they make perfect companion pieces for French toile:

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