Toile Shower Curtains
& Creative French Country Shower Curtain Ideas

Toile shower curtains can add French country elegance to a bathroom.  I've searched up and down the Net to bring you the most stylish French shower curtains (including eBay bargains).  In addition, you'll find easy DIY ideas to create your own, one-of-a-kind 'château'  French shower curtain.  Enjoy!

Toile Shower Curtains To Buy:

Black toile  shower curtains have a 'pure' elegance about them, especially in a crisp, all-white bathroom.

  • Be careful, though, when using a black toile  curtain in a bright white bathroom: Match the white background color of your toile  print to the surrounding white tiles, tub & sink(s).  Ivory or écru might look dirty against a clean white.
  • Make sure you don't 'overtoile'!  Combine a French shower curtain with simpler patterns, like black/white gingham, stripes, or solids (more about this on the page about decorating with toile de Jouy  fabric).
  • I've added a few shower curtains to the carousel that don't have genuine, historic toile de Jouy  credentials - they're actually damask 'weave' designs. But they're very pretty and have the right kind of spirit :-)

On the color side of French toile  shower curtains, there isn't as much choice per color as in the black-and-white department.  To make up for the shortfall, I've added an eBay feed below, which is automatically updated with toile shower curtains that are on offer at this very moment.

For more  choice (and drama!), I've added a selection of toile-related shower curtains. Most of them have a historically inspired, 'block printed' look, and receive good grades from Amazon reviewers, but they're definitely not French toile  shower curtains.  Have a look:

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Toile Shower Curtains From EBay

To see more toile  shower curtains, click "View all ... items on eBay" on the bottom margin!

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Make Your Own Toile  Shower Curtains
(Or Create A French Country  Shower Curtain)

If you feel like creating your very own, you-nique French country shower curtain, here are a few tips. (It's dead easy!)

  • Buy a simple (or a shower curtain liner)  that hangs flat on rings or hooks. Make sure it fits perfectly where you want it.
  • Now, make a to-scale fabric copy of it, with the eyelets in exactly the same place. Hang both curtains together from the same set of rings/hooks.
  • Alternatively, buy a high quality shower curtain in a solid color and attach a toile valance to the top edge, for added impact.
  • If your shower curtain is for a bathtub, the fabric layer can hang outside the tub so it stays dry while you shower. Here are a few ideas for French country shower curtain designs:

toile shower curtains: Design ideas for French country shower curtains

  • Materials that work really well for a French country shower curtain (mix them up as you go along):
      ◊   unbleached linen
      ◊   cotton (toile) prints
      ◊   striped ticking, and/or
      ◊   gingham.
  • Alternatively, consider creating a French Provençal shower curtain from antique  French country fabrics!

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