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Valentine Door Decorations To Make:
Shiny Silver Valentine Heart

valentine door decorations: silver hearts made of recycled coffee bags turned inside out

These Valentine door decorations are made from recycled coffee bags turned inside out.

They are very easy and quick to make, and they're weatherproof.

They also have an advantage over shiny Valentine hearts made of aluminum foil: they don't crumple or rip easily!

Even though it's a very cheap Valentine's day door decoration to make, it looks kinda posh :-)

Heart templates:
download blank Valentine heart templates here. They are sized to fit standard 227g coffee bags. Resize on a photocopier or scanner if you need to make adjustments. (I used the No. 2 template.)

Read on below for a list of ingredients and how-to instructions!

Valentine Door Decorations
To Make This, You Will Need ...

valentine's day crafts for your door: silver hearts made of recycled coffee bags
Valentine Door Decorations: List Of Ingredients

You need (from left to right):

  • Empty coffee bags (here in the UK, most coffee bags have a sturdy silver plastic coating on the inside);
  • a blank Valentine heart template No. 2;
  • scissors;
  • ribbon;
  • filling material, e.g. bubble wrap snippets (you don't need a lot). Other filling options: synthetic wadding, fine wood shavings or crumpled cuttings from plastic bags;
  • a mini stapler - I used an old Rexel Bambi. It's utterly basic and uses tiny staples. Stateside, you should get good results with a small Stanley Bostitch stapler, or any other that takes no. 10 staples or smaller.
    (If you want to make larger hearts - from, say, frozen food bags - regular sized staples are fine.)
  • sticky tape;
  • not pictured: glue. A glue gun is great for quick, reliable results.

Valentine Door Decorations: Step By Step

homemade valentine ideas: door hearts made from recycled coffee bags. Step 1: cut out the heart shapes
Cut out the heart shapes

Step 1: Stick paper heart templates down with tape and cut out.

silver valentine hearts: staple front & back together
Fit back & front together, secure with tape, and staple from the top down.

Step 2: Before you start stapling, make sure the two heart shapes are perfectly aligned back to back. Hold them together with tape. Start stapling at the top. Set the staples very close to each other and close to the edge. Keep the bottom open so you can feed the padding through.

silver valentine hearts: stuff the Valentine heart shape with plastic padding
Stuff the heart with padding.

Step 3: Push small bits of bubble wrap (or other padding) into the Valentine heart, making sure you fill all available space to achieve a balanced look. Close the bottom of the heart shape with staples.

silver valentine hearts: staple a ribbon to the top back of the heart. Conceal the ribbon end.
Glue and staple ribbon to the back of the heart, close to the top.

Step 4: To hang the Valentine's Day door decoration, fix a ribbon to the back of the heart shape. Glue it into place first (concealing the ribbon end) and then staple it down for additional hold.

Bows for the front of a Valentine's Day door decoration
Make a ribbon bow for each Valentine's Day door decoration.

Step 5: Cut off some ribbon and turn it into bows for the Valentine hearts. Glue them just below the notch (as pictured below). For quick and reliable results, use a glue gun.

front door decoration with silver valentine hearts: where to place the glue for the bow
Place the glue just below the notch.

Voilà, you're done! (More Valentine's Day crafts here!)

front door decoration with silver valentine hearts, made from coffee bags

Valentine Door Decorations

Happy Valentine's Day!

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