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Bedroom Color Ideas & Popular Bedroom Colors:
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Bedroom color ideas: reader questions answered below!  For more  information about great bedroom wall colors, romantic bedroom colors, and co-ordinated palettes of paint colors for the bedroom,

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1.  Purple & Yellow Bedroom Decorating Colors

Hi Renate,

Is purple and yellow a good color combination for my teen bedroom?

Thanks for your time!

Caro (Canada)

purple and yellow

Hi Caro,

In principle, yes.

However, as bedroom color schemes go, this is a very vibrant combination of complementaries. They bring out each other's strength, big time. If you're covering large areas in technicolor purple and yellow - really bright hues - it will almost certainly overpower the room (and look tacky).

purple and yellow

Instead, you could choose slightly discolored, "dusty"/chalky softer tones to take the edge off - a velvety greyish plum and pale buttercup, for example. If you use really saturate purple & yellow, then you may not get much rest in your bedroom ;-)

For some lovely purple (bedroom) color scheme ideas, check out the following pages:

All the best,

2. Bedroom color ideas that go with lemon yellow & cream?

I've bought a cream bed and bedside drawers. My bedroom walls are currently painted cream as well.

I'd like lemon as a main wall colour - what other colour will go with this?

(United Kingdom)

Hello Kim,

Here are some ideas for you:

Greens: Lime green, chartreuse, deep leafy greens and bluish greens all go beautifully with lemon yellow. You need a selection of green hues to make your bedroom color scheme come alive.

Blues: Yellow and blue are opposing colors on the 4-primary color wheel, and they make a lovely, summery bedroom color combination with white/cream. (Go for assorted pale blues & mid-tones. Very dark blues would create too much contrast.)

"Citrus" color schemes: If you add orange and/or peachy pink to the yellow-green mix, you'll get very 'juicy' bedroom color schemes along these lines.

Please note, though, that before you settle on any bedroom color palette, you need to take stock of all the other colors in the room. Whenever you go choosing bedroom colors, the following will usually tip the scales:

  • carpet color/pattern
  • door & hardware
  • window treatment(s): color & pattern
  • wardrobe/closet color
  • light fixtures
  • wall art & any other accessories ...

Click here for a complete list of things to look at before you choose (bed)room color schemes.

Good Luck!

3. Bedroom color ideas that go with apple green

I have a small bedroom with apple green walls. The bedspread is black, white, and gray. What colors should I use to accent the walls and room?

Pam (USA)

Hello Pam,

apple green pale blue

Pale blue (plus maybe a few accents in cornflower blue) would combine very well with apple green.  Apart from that, I'd keep most of the room in white and gray. This will give you a calming, restful bedroom color scheme.

Apart from pale blue, here are some alternative bedroom color ideas that combine well with apple green / white / gray / black:

  • pale pink
  • tomato red
  • deep turquoise
  • aqua
  • cinnamon / terracotta (not pictured)
apple green pale pink
apple green turquoise
apple green tomato
apple green aqua

Hope this works - good luck with your project!

Best wishes,

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