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Purple Color Chart Ideas:
What Colors Go With Purple?

A purple color chart is all about sophistication and elegance.

The color purple hovers between blue and red on the color wheel chart.

It can be either warm  (= reddish, e.g. magenta or cerise) or cool  (= bluish, e.g. plum or blue lavender).

There's a wide choice of colors that go with purple.

Some of them underline the 'exclusive' aura of purple color ...

... after all, purple was known for millennia as the ''color of kings''.

Others, especially greyed 'heather' hues of purple, are perfectly at home in European country styles.

1. Fresh Plum

summery purple color chart: plum, lime, pale cobalt blue, winter white

Plum + lime green + pale cobalt blue + winter white

  Here's a clean, summery purple color chart. It would be perfect for a bedroom or living room that gets a lot of sun. Lime green and bluish purple are opposing colors on the 4-primary color wheel, and lime green is the only warm color in this chart.  You could warm up the entire color combination by painting an accent wall in lime green (rather than in plum).

Best wall colors: White, pale pistachio.
Best wood stains: Limed oak, birch, natural maple.

2. Lavender & Linen

French palette scheme with purple colors: raw linen, white, berry, pink lavender, deep purple

Unbleached linen + white + berry + French lavender + deep purple

  Nothing says "bed & breakfast in Provence" like this purple color scheme! It's a very robust color combination that can't really go wrong - as long as you use warm  neutrals with your lavender hues, like milky whites (as opposed to bleachy-bluish ones), as well as raw linen, hessian, or burlap.

Best wall colors: Creamy white, écru, pale rosy lavender.
Best wood stain: Walnut.

3. Retro Cottage

Retro interior color combination: olive green, pale gold, pomegranate red, putty, plum, duck-egg blue

Olive green + pale gold + pomegranate red + putty + plum + duck-egg blue

  Purple is often seen as a 'luxury' color, but in combination with dusty olive green and soft duck-egg blue it takes on a different character altogether.  To warm up a purple color chart like this '40s British' palette, just increase the amount of warm red (add brick red, red ocher or burnt orange) as well as olive green.

Best wall colors: Cream, pale duck-egg blue, light putty gray.
Best wood stains: Teak, oiled oak.

4. A Glass Of Claret

purple color palette with dusty turquoise, bordeaux, grey rose, buttermilk, charcoal, teal

Dusty turquoise + bordeaux + grey rose + buttermilk + charcoal + teal

  This wine  color scheme has a wintry feel to it. I somehow see it on deep, comfy chairs in front of a Victorian fireplace.  Both the bordeaux and grey rose hover between warm and cool; teal and its lighter sibling, dusty turquoise, are 'cool greens'. (Charcoal and buttermilk are very even-tempered neutrals).

To warm up interior color combinations like this one, use accents (e.g. wall art, cushions) in burnt orange or rust. This will shift the feel of the entire color scheme from cool(ish) to warm:

purple palette with dusty turquoise, bordeaux, grey rose, buttermilk, charcoal, rust, teal

Best wall color: Chalky white.
Best wood stains: Dark Mahogany, antique oak.

5. Magenta Meets Mid-Century

Purple color charts that involve magenta (or fuchsia, or cerise) are always in danger of looking garish.

room color combinations with charcoal, ice blue, mustard, magenta, bright olive

Charcoal + ice blue + mustard + magenta + bright olive

One way to avoid a 'vulgar' look is to combine a vivid, 'hot' purple with equally upbeat but slightly less saturate colors.  Here, I've added magenta to a midcentury palette (would make a lovely room color scheme for a retro home:)

Best wall colors: Palest mustard, white, or a very light grey.
Best wood stains: Teak, oiled oak.

6. Lilac Posy

Lilac, that messenger of spring, makes great wedding color combinations with white and fresh greens. But if you group a deeper shade of lilac with light & dark greens in both yellow and blue hues, it integrates very well into everyday life, too.

color combination chart: lilac, yellow greens, bluish greens
Lilac + yellow-greens + blue-greens

Best wall colors: Pale sage, ivory, white.
Best wood stains: Rustic oak, antique cedar.

7. Lakeside Picnic

room color combinations for deep berry red, verdigris, burnt orange, dusty turquoise, mustard yellow

Misty sky blue + rose madder + bright olive green + burnt orange + dusty plum

  This 'happy' purple color chart could be right out of a picture book about the upper Italian Lakes. With its dusty, slightly desaturated hues, it looks great against a backdrop of light neutrals, natural wood colors or leafy greens, and makes lovely decorating for a balcony, veranda, deck, or interior courtyard, too.

Best wall colors: Chalky white, pale grey, misty sky blue.
Best wood stains: Oiled oak, teak, vintage pine.

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