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Pink, The Color Blokes Can't Stand:
7 ½ Male-Compatible Pink Color Schemes

Pink the color is unique: it's the only tint of a primary color with its own name. Pink is also unique in provoking strong opinions in the Western world.

Even though there's no universally agreed meaning of the color pink, most Europeans (and Americans) see it as a 'feminine' decorating color.

My lovely husband, a self-respecting Englishman, once refused to sleep under a pink-flowered duvet!

As far as I'm aware, the only exception to male decorating pinkphobia  are the French.

In France, pink is celebrated in kitchens, living rooms, pink hallways ... there's absolutely no problem with the color pink, and no wall is off limits!

Male-Compatible Color Combinations With Pink

Even if you're not  French, one of the following color combinations with pink is likely to work for you! I've gone easy on the 'girl' factor and found some gender-neutral & grown-up colors that go with pink.  See what you think!  (More great color combinations here!)

Cool & Dusty

color combinations with pink: grey rose, washed indigo, cool grey, linen white, camouflage green, chestnut brown
Grey rose + washed indigo + cool grey + linen white
+ camouflage green + chestnut brown

  The harmonious trio of camouflage green, indigo and cool grey pulls this pink color scheme firmly into 'male' territory. (You need quite a greyed tone of pink for this to work). Leather in a warm reddish browns (maroon, chestnut, burnt sienna) is perfect for 'masculine' color combinations with pink.

Best wall colors: Creamy white, light grey, sage green.
Best wood stain: Rustic oak.


sophisticated coordinating colors for pink: deep plum, pale cowslip yellow, charcoal, warm pink, cadet grey
Deep plum + pale cowslip + charcoal + shell pink +cadet grey

  Chalky grey tones of plum and a hint of yellow make subtle, understated coordinating colors for pink, particularly the delicate, warm pink color of seashells.  Subdued purple is great for accents as well.

Best wall colors: Creamy white or palest pink.
Best wood stain: Antique walnut.


retro pink color scheme: pale rose, mustard yellow, cool desaturated blues
Grayed rose + mustard yellow + cool, desaturated blues

  This slightly edgy 1920s room color scheme looks great with cool, desaturated blue hues and an assertive cool pink - both help to balance the warmth of mustard yellow.

Best wall colors: Palest (chalky) rose, pale mustard, whipped cream.
Best wood stains: Dark hardwoods.

Summer Camp

summery coordinating colors for pink: grey rose, camouflage green, light neutral grey, washed indigo, saddle brown, linen white, cool grey
Steely blue + pomegranate + pale pink + white + olive green + duck-egg blues

  Combine a number of 'vintage' blue hues with a few shades of olive. Throw in a deep, glowing pomegranate red for accents, and make pink the color that pulls the color scheme together: a warm but washed-out, greyish tone of pink.

Best wall colors: Pale duck-egg blue, translucent grey, milky white.
Best wood stains: Grey driftwood, heritage oak.


strong colors that go with pink: cool pink, antique pewter, warm grey, deep hunter green & magenta
Cool pink + antique pewter + warm grey + deep hunter green + magenta

  In this pink color scheme, an almost icy (distinctly non-sugary) pink is balanced by punchy magenta, and supported by warm tones of grey and a deep leafy green (which is essential to this color combination).

Best wall colors: Palest grey.
Best wood stain: Limed oak.

Peaches & Cream

what color goes with pink: dusty turquoise, white + peachy pinks
Dusty turquoise + white + peachy pinks

  This peach/turquoise combination skirts the 'yellow' side of pink (a more saturated version is 'Winter Sunrise' in the orange color scheme section). Essentially, this is a tinted  orange-blue complementary color combination. It is very soothing, perfect for a child's room or a sweet, restful bedroom.

Best wall colors: Creamy white or pale peach.
Best wood stain: Aged oak.

Sweet Pea

sweet colors that go with pink: purply pink, light cornflower, white, pastel greens, rose, flamingo, baby blue
Pale purply pink + light cornflower blue + white
+ green pastels + rose + flamingo pink + baby blue

  Finally a vintage, feel-good combination of blue, green and a good dose of pink the color in three different hues. Think polka dots, Vichy  checks and rose prints ... (I admit this one really isn't for the blokes. Well, see if you can talk him into it. He may find it hard to resist the happy colors.)

Best wall colors: White, pale pink or light misty blue.
Best wood stains: Natural or limed oak, rustic pine.

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