White Metal Bed:
Find Your Perfect White Iron Bed!

A white metal bed is as romantic as it gets.

Less common than black ones, ornate white iron beds are perfect for feminine spaces.

In the list below, you will find white iron frame beds from different iron bed manufacturers.

Are you after wrought iron twin beds, a canopy iron bed, or a full size iron bed?

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White Iron  Bed?  White Metal  Bed?

Let me just clear up a potential misunderstanding: Most white 'iron' beds aren't made of iron. The iron bed manufacturers call it 'iron', but in reality most of these beds are made of steel, cast aluminum, or brass.

Good news for small(ish) budgets:  wrought iron is actually much more expensive to produce than, say, steel. And steel is just as functional as iron, so you'll get the same quality as if you had an iron frame bed.   (Click here for more information!)

How To "Present" A White Metal Bed

A white iron bed looks best against a plain-colored background. The darker and more uniform the background color is, the more the elegant, delicate lines of a white metal bed will stand out.

So if you want your white iron bed to take center stage, avoid the following mistakes:

1. Don't wallpaper behind it in a vivid, large-scale pattern that competes with the ornamental detail of your white bedframe.

2. Avoid heavily patterned duvet covers/bedspreads, especially those with a lot of white in them.

3. Be careful with White Bedspreads. They may not look great on a white bedstead for two reasons:

  • Lack of contrast between the iron frame bed and the bedding: You want the scrolling/cast-iron detail on the head- and footboard to stand out as much as possible.
  • Hardly any two whites are alike, and it's not easy to find a white coverlet for your white metal frame bed that looks neither too samey, nor too weirdly different (like creamy white combined with bluish, bleached white).

But what if you just love white, and really want a white-on-white bedroom?

Go for an effective dark/light contrast and make sure you don't mix bluish and yellowish tints of the color white. For example,

  • couple a bright white metal bed with an ivory bedspread and set it against an even darker ivory-colored wall. Or,
  • set an antique-white iron frame bed up with a darker coverlet and a tinted background wall (e.g. white with a hint of sage green, or sky blue, or pink).

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