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Tuscan Bedding:
The Right Tuscany Bedding For Your Home

Tuscan bedding can give your bedroom an authentic 'Italian country' look.  Below is a hand-picked selection of Tuscany bedding and matelassé bed linens for a Tuscan style bedroom.

For a traditional Tuscan farmhouse look, complete with black wrought-iron beds, you're best off with a white-on-white look: white bed linen, topped with white (or cream) Matelassé Bedspreads.

Palazzo-inspired Tuscany home decor - and Tuscan villa style - is usually more colorful.  [Read More about authentic Tuscan style bedding]

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Tuscan Bedding Essentials

White Tuscan bedlinen

1. White Bed Linen

No matter what type of Tuscan-style beds (and which color bedspread) you're going to use, Tuscan sheets are traditionally a classic and sophisticated white.

Plain sheet sets are perfect for Tuscany decorating, and any thread count upwards of 300 will add a luxurious feel to your nights.

Antique lace pillow shams and/or accent pillows always make a great addition to Tuscan design beds, but they're not a must. (And they don't need to match, by the way!)

The simplicity of a traditional Rustic Tuscan Style Bedroom calls for white Matelassé Bedspreads, but if you want a rich, luxurious Tuscany look, go for ...

2. Colored Bedspreads

a) Palazzo-Style Tuscan Bedding

Here are two photos from Tuscan palazzo bedrooms: as you can see, the elegant wrought iron beds are covered with jewel-colored brocade spreads:

opulent canopy beds in a Tuscan palazzo

For a truly opulent Tuscan style bedroom, choose tonal damask and brocade weaves: it's the kind of bedding that works best for grander Tuscan style homes. A silky/sateen finish is de rigueur; chenille or matte cotton weaves may not look polished enough for elegant Tuscany style bedding.

rustic Tuscan bedlinen in an iron canopy bed

b) Contemporary Tuscan-Style Bedding

Between the elegance of a palazzo and the rustic simplicity of a podere (small farm) there's a third option: urban Tuscan-design bedrooms. With these, you would use lightweight quilts in

  • solid colors,
  • florals, or
  • subtle and stylized patterns
    (these could be printed, woven or embroidered).

An antique feel is fine (e.g. florals on an antique-ivory ground), but don't go for a 'shabby' look. I've never seen it in Italy - I don't think the Italians are genetically capable of producing 'shabby' interiors. Whatever they do somehow manages to look sophisticated and fashionable :-)

Generally, avoid going heavy on pattern: solid colors or understated, restrained, stylized patterning is perfect for Tuscan bedding.

c) Colors

red-and-white tuscan bedroom

Choose neutral, warm colors for Tuscan style bedspreads in solids and tonal patterns:

  • caramel,
  • gold,
  • brown,
  • cream,
  • terracotta.

Or, go for deep jewel colors:

  • garnet red,
  • ruby red,
  • sapphire blue,
  • lapis lazuli blue,
  • amber.

For 'pale and interesting' Tuscan style bedding, opt for any of these colors:

  • aquamarine blue,
  • greenish or bluish gray,
  • rosewood,
  • jade green.

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