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Easter Eggs Centerpiece
With Tiny Easter Nests

This Easter eggs centerpiece is simple but very effective - all you need is beautifully colored Easter eggs and little paper nests. (With instructions!)

Easter egg centerpiece with hand-dyed Easter eggs in mini paper nests

How To Create This Easter Eggs Centerpiece

Little paper Easter nests with hand-dyed Easter eggs

1. Dye Easter Eggs ...

... or buy them already colored!

  • For the Easter table centerpiece on this page, I dyed white eggs because all the surrounding colors were light, bright 'summer' colors.
  • If you're decorating your Easter table in a less saturate, 'vintage' color scheme, consider using brown eggs instead. They dye to wonderfully mellow tones and work beautifully with country style Easter table settings.
  • The detailed dyeing instructions are here.

2. Make Paper Easter Nests

Little paper Easter nests with hand-dyed Easter eggs

  • The little Easter nests are made from strands of shredded kraft paper, coiled and tied into loose knots. Detailed instructions here!
  • The dull tan color goes beautifully with just about any other color, and it's particularly great for showing off brightly hued Easter eggs.
  • If you don't have a paper shredder, you need a craft knife, cutting mat, and ruler to slice kraft paper into narrow strips, plus a stapler to hold each end of the paper strands together. But that's all it takes, and making the nests is incredibly easy.

Arranging Your Easter Eggs Centerpiece

Centerpiece of little paper Easter nests with hand-dyed Easter eggs

  • You can make these nests in any size. If they're larger, though, you may want to place each nest on a plate so it doesn't fall apart.
  • I wanted to create a formal element for this informal, 'Easter picnic' table setting, so I lined the nests up in a neat row. But here's a pic of a more informal arrangement of the same Easter nests!

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