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Easter Table Centerpiece
With Hand-Dyed Easter Eggs

This Easter table centerpiece works with any narrow, high vase or glass. You need three or more to create enough visual substance for the look to work!

simple Easter egg centerpiece: hand-dyed Easter eggs in narrow glass vases

Choosing The Right Glass Containers

simple Easter table centerpiece: dyed Easter eggs in narrow glass vases

If you've got finely patterned Easter eggs to display, you're best off with plain glass because you only get minimal distortion.

On the other hand, an elegant cut-glass cylinder vase would probably look great filled with larger eggs in solid colors.

The cut glass patterns are likely to add all manner of interesting effects to the Easter egg display!

Tips For Filling

Hand-dyed Easter eggs in narrow glass vases on an Easter table

  • Egg Size: It's a matter of experimenting. Loads of tiny Easter eggs in a wide vase are probably not as effective as a few large ones in a tall, narrow vessel.
  • Color schemes: For maximum impact, display a colorful selection of eggs against a pared-down background.  This table setting is limited to an ochre/green/neutral palette, and the yellow eggs were dyed to match the yellow ochre of the glazed earthenware.  On the other hand, if you're using a colorful tablecloth or multi-colored crockery, limit the color range of the eggs to go with your already-existing scheme!
  • Real eggs break quite easily, so slide them into a horizontally-held vase and allow them to inch gently down.
  • Don't use greased Easter eggs (if you're dyeing your own), because the grease will leave marks on the glass.

Positioning Your Easter Table Centerpiece

Hand-dyed Easter eggs in narrow glass vases on a yellow/white Easter table

Depending on the size and shape of the "egg vases", you could combine them with color-matched plants or striking bouquets at the center of the table.

If your table backs onto a wall (like mine), you could also use the egg display as 'wall art':

Hand-dyed Easter eggs in narrow glass vases: Centerpiece on a yellow/white Easter table

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