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Easter Table Decorating
With Candlesticks And Hand-Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter table decorating can be sophisticated or simple, but sometimes it's both. This Easter table centerpiece idea is both!

Easter egg centerpiece: Candlesticks and hand-dyed Easter eggs

All you need is a clutch of candlesticks and some really lovely Easter eggs.

How To Make An Easter Egg Centerpiece

Candlestick base on a plate

  • Find plates or saucers that fit under your chosen candle holders, with a little margin to spare.
  • If necessary, quickly adjust the plate to the color scheme of your Easter table decorations by wrapping it in tissue paper or in a napkin. (If you have time to spare, you could paint instead of wrapping!)
  • Fix the paper to the underside of the plate with sticky tape.
  • Then, fill the plate with Easter eggs - these were hand dyed:

Easter egg centerpieces: Candlesticks and hand-dyed Easter eggs

Instead of my cheap, run-of-the-mill candle holders and plain-colored Easter eggs, you may want to consider a number of nobler, more elegant solutions. How about, for example:

  • Lovely looking metal candlesticks, e.g. copper, pewter or wrought iron?
  • Precious metals, e.g. antique silver or gold-plated candle holders?
  • Even elegant baroque shapes can look amazing with a batch of simple, beautifully colored Easter eggs.
  • If you're using very simple, pared-down candle holder shapes that don't call much attention to themselves, try pairing them with really fancy, highly patterned Easter eggs as well.

Easter table decorating with candlestick centerpieces

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