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Popular Bedroom Colors:
European-Style Bedroom Color Schemes

Bedroom colors can turn a so-so bedroom into a romantic hideaway or a serene sanctuary. Check out these (mostly) European-inspired bedroom paint colors & decorating ideas!

Bedrooms By Color: Click a Pic!

When you're (re-)decorating, hold off on the bedroom wall colors until last.

There's always a bigger choice of paints than of fabrics, carpets & furniture.

How To Create A Style
With Bedroom Decorating Colors:

Romantic bedroom in pink & pastels
5 Bedroom Styles
& Color Schemes

Create a Classic French / 70s London / Real Victorian / British Seaside or Romantic look for your bedroom with the right Color Schemes for each style!

This page takes a typical Victorian bedroom through 5 transformations, by changing the color scheme as well as (occasionally) headboards, flooring and accessories.

New bedroom decorating color ideas from an old house!

Bedroom Wall Colors:
6 Colors To Paint A Bedroom In Provence

bedroom wall colors illustration
6 Great Bedroom
Wall Colors

New bedroom paint colors are the least expensive and most effective ways to transform a bedroom from 'blah' to dream space.

Find out how (virtual) headboards and Bedroom Wall Colors can shift the mood of this simple Provençal bedroom.

6 bedroom paint colors = 6 different bedrooms!

Bedroom Decorating Colors: One Bedroom, 7 Options.

Bedroom decorating colors: illustrations for one bedroom
Decorating Colors

The article about Bedroom Decorating Colors takes a pared-down virtual bedroom through 7 color palettes (plus an added 14 'bonus' colorways!)

The simplified room decor demonstrates how color can shape the mood and atmosphere of your bedroom - without changing the furniture.

Witness a cool, light bedroom metamorphose into warm, exciting, elegant and rustic versions of itself!

French  Bedroom Decorating Colors:
Learn A Few Tricks From French Designers!

French bedroom detail
Country French

The article about Country French Bedroom Ideas shows seven designer bedrooms from southern, rural France.

If you're after stylish bedroom paint colors and authentic French bedroom decorating ideas, get ready for ...

  • atmospheric interiors,
  • quirky flair,
  • and loads of inspiration!

Readers' Bedroom Color Makeovers

dark blue log home bedroom
Color Makeovers

Read Lesley's story of a color compromise that ended with a beautifully atmospheric bedroom ...

... and Roxanne's Log Home master bedroom makeover that resulted in a rustic-romantic space with lots of magic.

For further info, check out the reader questions on this topic as well!

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